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Weekend Recap

We’ve had a busy couple of days around here.  On Saturday, we took Amilia to church for the first time.  She did fairly well, but had to have her diaper changed halfway through (she hates sitting in a dirty diaper) so I took her back to the changing area.  Well, as I was walking into the area, all our fellow early childhood teachers wanted to come see her so it took me a while to get her diaper changed and back into the service.  Oh well, we made it there, which I think is a pretty big accomplishment.  Here she is right before church (since she was in blue, I thought we needed a headband to help curb the “oh, he’s so cute” comments):


Sunday was pretty laid back.  We didn’t go anywhere which was probably good since today we’ve been on the go all day long.  I had to go to work this morning to take a staff picture, so we were up there by 9am (yes, both of us looking presentable – me with haird fixed and make up on, thank you very much).  Then, I had a doctor’s appointment this afternoon, so off we went to that.  So, her naps have been a bit disrupted today.  We’ll see what that means for tonight.  It could mean that she’ll sleep hard because she’s so tired, but it could also mean that she’s so tired she won’t be able to wind down completely.  We’ve seen both ends of that spectrum… 

She’s on a really good schedule for eating – she wakes up on a regular schedule (day or night, unfortunately :o)…no, it’s a good thing) and sleeps pretty well except for the whole “can’t stand a dirty diaper thing” – we’ll put her down and if she’s still fussing after 5 minutes, we can pretty much predict she’s got a gift for us.  The other night she went 4 hours and 5 hours between feedings.  Man, that was nice…I actually woke up startled because it had been so long! :o)

So all in all, we’re having good days and finding a schedule.  Every once in a while we have a rough part of the night or skipped nap, but it all sort itself out soon enough…



First day back

Today was Mark’s first day back at work.  Amilia was good to him by sleeping really well last night and was good to me today by eating and napping on a really good schedule.  She even let me take a long nap this afternoon!

We knew it was going to be hard for him, so Amilia wore this outfit as her way to encourage him (click on the pictures to see them bigger)… She got it from her cousin Briony, who is a seasoned pro in these matters.


Yes…she’s definitely Daddy’s Girl. 


Party Time

We partied all day.  It was my birthday today and Amilia’s 1 week birthday.  Everybody did a great job pampering me and making me feel really special.  Mark baked a cake last night – it was delicious – and just took care of me and spoiled me all day. 

Jenny, Karyn, and Rachel came over today and brought lunch.  That was a really fun treat and so good of them to come over and spend some time with us. 

imgp1968.JPG     imgp1972.JPG

Then, this evening we went out for dinner.  All of us.  Amilia did great.  She slept the whole time we were at the restaurant and was doing so well we decided to go downtown and get coffee afterwards – she slept through all of that, too.  I’m so glad she likes her car seat (for now…watch me just have jinxed myself on that one) because it sure does make things a lot easier. 

So, here we are…the birthday girls. 


Amilia, 1 week old, and Mommy, 1456 weeks old.