Monthly Archives: August 2008

Long Weekend

So glad we don’t have to go to work tomorrow.  We’re getting a lot done around the house, but there’s still so much to be done.  The hospital bag is packed, thank you notes are up to date, new stuff is washed and put away, and the bassinet is up and sitting next to the bed.  Sounds like we’re pretty much ready, right.  HA!  Funny….  Well, we are in pretty good shape, but tomorrow we’re focusing on finishing the nursery.  It needs some decorating because all the walls are blank and I can’t stand it.  It’s semi-functional at this point but it needs some cozying up.

And tomorrow is September, the month when we welcome our daughter – can’t believe it’s here.  Back in January when we found out we were pregnant, September felt forever away.  It really went by quickly.  Of course I do feel like I’ve been pregnant for a long time, but I tell ya…I could use the last two weeks of my 40 week pregnancy.

Tomorrow is also labor day.  I’m hoping I don’t decide to take that day literally. 


Well, after our fiasco last month trying to get some education about this baby thing, we finally had some classes last week. 

On Thursday night we had our “Baby Basics” class where we learned about infant care, including umbilical cord care, bathing, diapering, swaddling, and feeding.  It basically covered the first year of life.  It was a great class and our instructor was really informative and funny.  We definitely got some good tips. 

Then on Saturday, we had our “Childbirth Marathon” class.  That’s right – a marathon – 8am to 5pm of labor, delivery, and immediate post-partum (just the first couple of days).  Wow.  When I told my sister about the class, she asked “so, do you still want to have that baby?”  Well…a little too late for that :o).  In the words of the instructor: “Remember, this baby will come out.  Your body was designed for this.”  Of course, her parting words were also “I envy what you’re about to go through. Oh, I would have so many more babies if somebody would just take care of them afterwards…”  And yes, she did have a not-so-good delivery with one of her kids and still thinks that labor/delivery is awesome.  All I have to say is – it’s a good thing she’s a childbirth educator.  At least she’s passionate about her job.  She was great as well and was very knowledgeable.  Are we more prepared?  Oh, I guess.  Will I remember the relaxation techniques and breathing patterns?  Oh, probably not.  At one point, she had us (both moms and dads) hold a cube of ice for a minute and practice focusing on something other than the pain to get through the “contraction.”  Uhh, yeah, sure I did the breathing and focused on Mark, but I STILL felt that cube of ice and the searing pain in the palm of my hand. 

Anyway, so it was a busy weekend and things are picking up more and more at work.  Guess if we’re busy enough we won’t realize that we’re only 3 weeks away from our due date!  As of tomorrow, this baby is officially full-term…I need to get the ice cubes out and start practicing.

“Family” Pictures

Here are the promised belly pictures.  We were at about 34 weeks, I think, in those pictures (we’re at 36 now – only 4 weeks to go – yikes!) so the belly may be a bit bigger now but for those of you far away, this should give you a good idea of what I’m looking like these days :o)  My doctor said I looked great today, so I’ll take that as a compliment for sure.







And finally…the TWO belly bumps :o)