Monthly Archives: July 2008

This is not fair

If it wasn’t bad enough that I am pregnant (in my 3rd trimester, no less) during the dog days of summer, the a/c is broken at work.  Yes, there is no cold air moving in our entire building.  What a miserable morning.  I was sweating all morning, my hair was sticking the back of my neck, and I was generally VERY uncomfortable.  I have a little fan in my office but it’s kind of just blowing hot air on me because there’s nothing else to circulate.

So now I’m at home, eating a cold lunch, drinking ice cold water, dreaming about the ice cold frozen fruit bar in the freezer (or maybe just dreaming of the freezer, ahhhh…), and generally thinking cold thoughts.  NOT looking forward to going back to the sauna/office.  Never mind that it’s Monday and I didn’t want to go in the first place.

OK, my VP just called me on my cell phone to tell me that we can all wear shorts this afternoon if we want to.  You know it’s bad when one of the most formal offices on campus gets that green light. 

You thought I was joking or letting my preggo mind and emotions blow things way out of proportion.  Yeah, feeling sorry yet?  How’s Mark doing with the heat, you ask?  He’s NOT.  It just happens that today he had an all day department team meeting scheduled off-site.  So his whole team isn’t even there to suffer with the rest of us.  How lucky can one guy be?

Well, in happier news, here she is:

Braewyn Eliana and her mommy


This was taken with my brother-in-law’s cell phone camera so it’s not great and I’ve already complained that it is WAY TOO FAR AWAY for me to get a good look at that child, so hopefully I’ll get better ones soon.  For now, this will have to do.

Baby Niece is Here!

I was struggling how to title this post.  Things like – It’s a girl! and She’s Here! are not good options because I might scare some of you half to death with the similarity of our situation since we’re also having a girl, but not supposed to be having her yet.

Early this morning, shortly after midnight, my sister had her little girl.  She called on the way to the hospital around 10pm telling me her contractions were coming fast and strong. 

(Just as a side note: my sister’s official due date was Tuesday and she was VERY ready to have that child.  For the past two weeks anytime she would call her first words would be: “This is not the baby call and I don’t want to talk about it.”  So hearing the: “we’re going to the hospital” spiel was good news.  This is her 4th so she pretty much knew when she needed to go). 

Anyway, she asked if I wanted her to call if she had the baby – regardless of what time it was – and I said yes, so we got the phone call in the middle of night after she had gone through recovery.

And now the good part:

7lbs, 4 oz.

20 inches long


Chubby cheeks

9.9 on the “richter” scale according to daddy – he really means Apgar…but it was the middle of the night.  We all had a good laugh about that one.

No name yet…

Baby and Mommy are doing well.  Baby was nursing when I was on the phone with Rachel and she was doing great.  I did get to hear her tiny little cry at one point.  Daddy is also doing well.  Halfway through the conversation, he said: “you guys up?” uh, now we are… “cause we are…wahoo!”  I think the excitement was the only thing that was keeping him going at that point.  He said Rachel had gotten him a full bag of beef jerky if he stuck through this delivery and there was all-you-can-eat yogurt and granola at the nurse’s station.   A cute baby, beef jerky, and parfaits…what else could a guy want?

I’ll post later with updates: names, pictures.

Garage Sale Predictions

When I wrote about the garage sale I guess I was so surprised/happy that it wasn’t as horrible as I thought it was going to be that I completely forgot to mention one of best stories of the day.

This sweet little hispanic lady was buying her stuff and it somehow came up that we were making room for the new baby and getting the nursery ready.  I’m sitting behind a card table taking the money and she leans over the table, peeks at my stomach and says “oh yes, of course, for the little girl….it’s a girl, right?”  All this said with complete confidence.

Excuse me? 

We say yes, and she says “yes, I could tell…you can tell it’s a girl”


She walks away and Mark and I look at each other and smile.  Who needs ultrasounds?

Of course, I guess she had a 50/50 chance.  Can’t be that hard to guess, right?