Monthly Archives: June 2008

Anniversary Weekend

We went away for a few days to celebrate our 4th anniversary. It was really low-key, which was perfect.  We just wanted a few days away from home in a quiet, relaxing place.  We went down to this place near Little Rock called the Winthrop Rockefeller Institute.  It was a really cool, modern lodge on Petit Jean Mountain.  So we did the state park on one day, got all dressed up for dinner and then, since we were so close to Little Rock, we decided to go to Babies ‘R’ Us, which turned out to be a really productive trip because we got our car seat and stroller!


Cedar Falls


Just one of the awesome views from the mountain.



 In front of the lodge where we stayed, all dressed up for our yummy anniversary dinner.



Putting the stroller together.



The final product – the stroller and matching car seat.

Paint Update

Between taping, covering, painting (don’t worry…not me), untaping, uncovering, and putting back together 4 rooms in our house, we’re tired.  Well, Mark is probably way more tired since he’s had to paint every single one of those rooms.  I just did the taping and untaping.  I think he was ready to get back to work :o)

Nursery: check; new color – lime meringue. 

Kitchen: check; new color – heavy cream (k, that was a nightmare – stove in the dining room+the cupboards completely covered+fridge completely taped up and covered=lots of eating out.  There’s a lot you can live with in disarray, but when your kitchen is out of commission things are tough.  I guess we like food in this house). 

Master bath: check; new color – dawn’s early light. 

Guest bath: last coat drying; new color – kiwi splash.

Don’t you just love paint color names?  Who sits around and thinks these up?  Dawn’s early light?  Kiwi splash?  My favorite was this green swatch that was named “honesty.”  Really?  I’ve heard of green with envy, but not green with honesty.  We really wanted to do the kitchen with “cream in my coffee”  Doesn’t that just sound so appropriate and wonderful?  We went with a cheaper brand and their version of the same color was heavy cream.  Not quite so exciting.  Guess that’s what you get for budget paint.  Budget names.

Don’t trust the names of the paint.  They don’t look anything like what’s actually on our walls.  Come visit and see.  I’ll put before and after pictures up once things are actually completely put together.  There’s still some stuff that needs to be hung in each of the rooms.  With the new color schemes we shifted some stuff around.

Kicked Out

I’ve been “kicked out” of my home.  Well, more like, I voluntarily left for the evening.  It’s game 6 of the NBA finals and my house is full of men.  So, I decided to leave and come to my friend’s house where we’ll sit around all evening, drink Pellegrino water, and do crafsty stuff.  Yes, that sounds like so much more fun than eating cold pizza, chili cheese dip out of a crockpot, and yelling at a tv. 

On second thought, I did do that on Sunday afternoon.  Mark and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings, ate a ton of fried appetizers, and yelled at a large tv while Portugal played Switzerland in the Euro 2008.  It’s unfortunate that they lost, especially since I squeezed myself into my Portugal t-shirt (27 weeks of belly does make a difference), commuted 20 minutes so that we could watch the game, and spent money on food and drinks.  Oh well, we had a fun time.

So anyway, Mark is at home having fun with the guys.  He’s off the rest of the week so that he can do several projects around the house, including painting several rooms!  It will be nice to see it all done and he’s being such a trooper for taking vacation to stay at home and work.

We’ll post pictures for sure.