Monthly Archives: May 2008


We had a great time this week.  The house is quiet now, which is a bit sad, but it was so good to see Rachel and Jeff and have them stay with us.  We didn’t do much, but it was a relaxing week.  Rachel and I did our fair share of shopping and even though we ended up looking more than purchasing, it was fun to look at baby stuff together.

Here are some of the pictures we took early in the week.  There’s so many more, but I won’t bore you with them.   These are a few of my favorites.  I think a bunch of them will look so cool in black and white, so I went ahead and posted two of them again in black and white.  Mark did a great job…

Rachel is due at the end of July (she’s 31 weeks) and I’m due mid-September (I’m 24 weeks).  So we’re exactly 7 weeks apart, in case you were wondering as you size up the bellies. 

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Sorry we’ve been silent.  We were busy getting ready for guests.  My sister, Rachel, came from Colorado to visit.  She got here last night and leaves on Friday, so it will be a nice long visit.  Her husband wanted her to come visit so that we could take belly pictures together.  He wanted us to be able to look through them in several years and say “oh yeah, remember when we were pregnant at the same time and named our babies the same thing?”  Well, I don’t think we’ll be naming our baby the same thing.  But, it was a fun surprise that we’re pregnant at the same time (she’s 13 years older than me).  So, anyway, she’s here for belly pictures and just fun sister time.  We went this afternoon and took our pictures; I’ll post them once they’re off the camera. 

Then, because my sister is here, my brother Jeff is coming up from Dallas.  It will be fun to have 2 out of my 3 siblings here.  Poor Rick is missing out on all the fun.  Not sure what all that means in terms of what we’re going to do this week, but I’m sure we’ll find stuff to do.

So, I don’t know how often I’ll get on to post, but I’ll try to when I can.

What a mess…

Our house is a wreck.  It looks like a toddler was let loose in here to take stuff down and just leave it wherever.  Of course, most of the stuff is way too heavy for a toddler to move, so we really know who’s at fault.  But I guess all this needs to happen so that we can make room for a kid.

We’re in the process of combining the office and guest room.  What that means is that everything that was once in 2 rooms has to fit in 1.  Let’s just say there’s lots of purging going on and the garage sale pile is growing.  It feels good to be finally working on it.  It’s a pain right now because there’s stuff all over the hallway and floors of the rooms, but it’s fun to look in the old office closet and see little clothes hanging up – a small beginning of what will soon be way too much stuff, I’m sure.

Another thing checked off our to-do list was to tour the daycare center we’re planning on using.  We’ve heard great things and were excited to go visit and see the school (it’s a Montessori School that has just started taking infants in the past year).  I think there’s a waiting list, but hopefully by the time our turn rolls around there will be an opening.

So, slowly but surely we’re making progress and checking things off the “pre-baby project” list.