Monthly Archives: March 2008

Friday, at last…

I was so ready for today.  Not only because my Thursday event would be over, but because the weekend would be here.  I was so ready for today I went to bed early so that it would come faster…  I was in bed by 8pm and fast asleep by 8:45.  And I only woke up at 7am this morning (well, if you don’t count the other two time I got up to go to the restroom) but wow…must have needed it.

And no nursery tomorrow.  Ahhhh.  Truly a weekend off.

So even though there are plenty of things on the weekend to-do list, they may not happen.  And I’m ok with that.  Pretty soon, though, we’re going to have to buckle down and start checking things off.  Time is a-tickin’.

In the last week, I have…

  • cleaned out the flowerbed outside (didn’t want to welcome Spring with dead hostas in my yard…)
  • organized the garage
  • devised an organizing solution for the jumbled mess of necklaces and earrings (no more tugging on necklaces in the jewelry box or hunting for the mate of an earring – they’re all hanging up on the wall now – I’ll have to take a picture, I’m pretty proud of it)
  • created an online family calendar so that we each know what’s going on – we’re practicing now before we have to keep track of the new family member’s social calendar which will be way more exciting than our own, I’m sure
  • looked at paint colors for several rooms in the house and brought swatches home to think and plan around
  • did some much needed paperwork in our office: filing, filing, filing
  • cooked my first ham
  • planned (and currently executing) a week-long string of events at work
  • volunteered for a radio station’s fundraising efforts by answering phones from 6am-8am (yes, I am sleepy in case you’re wondering)
  • saw my Grandma Potter and my Uncle Duane on their way through Arkansas on the way home to Colorado
  • and I’m sure many, many, many more important things :o)

In case you were wondering why I hadn’t posted…

More on rain boots

My last entry reminded me that my “passion” for rain boots started at a very young age.  I have to say though that I have owned *maybe* 2 pairs of rain boots in my entire life, so this must be an admiration from a distance or something.  I like them but don’t have any and don’t remember what any of mine looked like…Hmmm…

Anyway, the only pair of rain boots I remember weren’t even really mine.  They were borrowed.  From a bear.

See, when I was 3 (?) somebody gave me a huge Paddington Bear.  Here’s a picture of me when I got him (scanned in from my scrapbook).  Do you think I was excited?   


I used to wear Paddington’s boots around.  I loved them.  I was actually really sad when I couldn’t fit in them anymore.  Putting those boots on and walking around are still very vivid memories.   Weird.  And yes…that is my brother Jeff’s silky chicken shirt.  Now that’s style.  Jeff’s going to love it that everybody knows that was his shirt.  And that his baby sister wore it. 

And here I am in a picture I took with Paddington Bear today.  Still pals.  Although his boots for sure don’t fit anymore.  And it looks like he only has one eye, but he really does have both, although he is missing a button.  There’s almost 25 years of loving on that bear, folks.  I’m surprised he’s as in good shape as he is.  Look how I was strangling him the minute I got him when I was 3. 


 Last time they came to the States, Mom and Dad brought some of my baby stuff (my baby moccasins, my baby book, some baby clothes…) and some of my favorite stuffed animals and dolls (Paddington Bear, Fozzie the Bear…). It’s fun to have that stuff again and to maybe break it out and show our kids someday.  Who knows? Maybe those rain boots will get some more puddle action soon.

Oh, and I was right.  My dad did have a witty comment.  Sure I probably asked for it, but I knew he was thinking it anyway so I thought I would give him an outlet to let it out.