Monthly Archives: February 2008

Oh yes, it’s Friday!

Well…for me at least.  Sorry, don’t mean to confuse you or make you bitter.  But today is Friday.  I don’t go to work tomorrow.  I don’t go to work on Friday.  I don’t go back until Monday.  Ahhh, a 4 day weekend.  Of course, it won’t be all fun and games here.  The house needs cleaning; I need to launder the linens from the event (at the local laundromat); I need to file our taxes…you know…the fun stuff that didn’t get done over last weekend because I was at work.

But 4 days of weekend will surely bring lots of rest.  I’m excited.  And for those of you who have to go to work the rest of the week because it’s still Wednesday…I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to make it worse for you.  Mark doesn’t like it either that I’m going around saying: “It’s Friiiiidaaaayy” :o)


Thought I should just post really quickly to let you know that I made it through the weekend.  Everything went well.  Smooth sailing, no hiccups.    Thanks to all of you who checked on me to make sure it went ok and that I was still breathing :o)

Yesterday (Sunday), I pretty much spent the whole day in bed, resting.  I put in well over 40 hours in 3 days so I was ready to just stay put for day and do nothing.

Last Week & Weekend; This Week & Weekend

The Valentine’s Banquet was great.  The food was good, the chocolate fountain was huge with a ton of stuff to coat in chocolate, and the speaking was enlightening.  It was a fun evening, but getting to work on Friday was rough, really rough.

The weekend was also nice.  I was able to get some shopping for work done over the weekend, the house is clean, and we’re caught up on laundry.  Feels good.  Last night we had friends over to play games.  We played Pop 5 by Cranium.  It was actually a lot better than I thought it was going to be because I generally do very poorly with pop culture.

This week is crazy for me.  It’s Family Weekend on Friday and Saturday so this week will be a busy one with all the prep and then a long weekend.  My last event is from 10pm-11:30pm on Saturday…I’ll be crashed on the couch most of Sunday, I’m sure.