Monthly Archives: January 2008


That’s right…we have snow! It’s been coming down pretty much all afternoon. The roads aren’t bad, just a bit slushy. Hopefully the temperatures don’t drop too much overnight. 

So, I’m sitting at home watching tv, checking blogs, smelling the bbq beef that has been cooking in the crockpot all day, and waiting for Mark to get home so we can make sandwiches to go with the cole slaw I made last night and was chilling over night.  And then….we’ll watch LOST.  That’s right.  LOST premieres tonight and we’ll be watching.

All in all, it’s the perfect evening.  Cold and white outside, warm and cozy inside, with good food and good tv.  Ah, if only it were Friday and we didn’t have to go to work tomorrow.

Adventures of a Trash Can

Yesterday was trash day in our neighborhood.  We put the trash out the night before because Monday mornings really live up to their name in our household so the fewer tasks we have to do that morning the better. 

So Monday morning we leave for work and leave our trash can and our recycle bin out in front of our house. 

That evening when we come home (we work out over lunch so we’re gone all day), there sits the recycle bin and its lid and the trash can lid sans its buddy. 

Where is the trash can? 

Mark drops me off and drives up and down the street to see if it had blown down the street or if someone had put it in their driveway for safekeeping.  Nothing.  Who takes a trash can?  Now, not that I’m emotionally attached to that thing, but it has wheels so we probably paid $20 for it.  Oh well…we have a lid (?).  Yeah, lots of good that will do.

This morning, we open the garage door and…there it is…our trash can.  It’s not in our driveway, but near it, in the street, laying on its side.  It came home and I’m assuming it had some help with that trip.  What happened during the 14+ hours that it was gone?  There one minute, gone the next, back again.  Poof. 

Don’t you just wonder what happens in your neighborhood sometimes?

And…it’s Monday again…so soon…

It’s been a long week, I guess, since I haven’t posted in a while.  It wasn’t terribly busy, just really uneventful.

On Saturday, I worked almost a full day.  I had an event in the evening during our basketball teams home games.  It was good, but after 7 hours of prepping and hosting in the hospitality room, I was ready to just come home and crash.

Today was a nice slow day, as well.  We got a few things done, but mostly we rested alot and just took things easy. 

And now, before you know it.  It’s going to be Monday again and back to work.