Monthly Archives: November 2007

Sharing the Love

That’s right. My husband, who loves me dearly, and:

  • shares his whipped cream on his mocha with me (I get lattes sans whip, but know I always get first dip into his)
  • halves his dessert when I don’t want a whole slice for myself
  • gives me his coat when I’m cold
  • lets me have first pick of the remote at home

has shared his cold with me. Wouldn’t you know…he knows that marriage is all about sharing and loving and giving and he did just that :o) I stayed home this morning and slept in. I actually don’t feel terrible right now – it was just the swallowing needles feeling this morning and that’s gone.

AND because we want to learn more about how to still love and share but with healthy boundaries (no cold germs, please), we’re off to a marriage conference tonight and tomorrow morning – 8 hours of learning how we can strengthen our marriage. We’re really excited about it.

Don’t look in our suitcase – we look like a travelling pharmacy: cough drops, tylenol, nyquil, you name it. I haven’t even taken anything yet, and Mark hasn’t been taking much, but right when you think you can tough it out, you get slammed (so we’re going prepared). Hopefully we’ll be well enough to remember everything we heard this weekend. We’ll let you know how it goes.

Happy Thanksgiving and Day After

I wanted to wish Happy Thanksgiving yesterday, but we were having too much fun. Mark and I spent the day with friends. It was nice to not be on the road this year. We love spending the holidays with family, but sometimes Thanksgiving is too short for the long drive. We end up not feeling very rested and I have a ton of events heading into the Christmas season, so we decided to just take it easy and stay here. You can read some about our day on Jamey and Jack’s blog… We didn’t take any pictures, sorry, but you’ll find some there.

I made cornish hens for the first time for Thanksgiving dinner. That was a fun experience. I love everything that is miniature so I thought they looked so pretty on the platter. My sister Rachel thought it was funny that I said “they were so cute, and they tasted really good, too.” I guess that doesn’t sound so nice… I also made butternut squash soup, corn casserole, and a pumpkin cheesecake. Jamey’s mom, Karyn, cooked up a feast as well with ham, potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole, and pumpkin pie. Needless to say, we were stuffed.

And today…? Well, no shopping for us. Yep, no fighting the crowds. We just stayed home all day and took it easy. I wanted to start decorating, but I’m not quite in the Christmas spirit yet – it’s been too warm lately – it only got cold the past two days. So, we’re watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and Elf is on this weekend as well, so we’re going to watch those and wrap some gifts and then…then…I think I’ll be ready. Maybe Sunday will be decorating day. I’ll post pictures if we do.

Hope your days have been as restful as ours…

What goes around, better not come around…

That’s right…Mark has been sick (it’s kind of been going around) but it better not come around this way. I’ve managed to not get it yet, but it will probably hit me hard in the next couple of days (right at an inopportune time, I’m sure…).
He’s feeling better. He’s still a little congested, but not flying through tissues as much. Poor guy. He did a good job and stayed home (and pretty much in bed) all weekend and then most of yesterday. It’s not easy to take it easy, but he is really good and intentional about it.
We’re not going anywhere for Thanksgiving. We’re staying put and are excited to not have to get on the roads/planes with everyone else. It’s just such a short holiday that it’s hard to get away and not be completely exhausted in the process.
I’m sure we’ll post more about our day/weekend soon.