Monthly Archives: September 2007

Ready, Set, GO!

It’s Homecoming week. ‘Nough said…

In the last two weeks, I hosted 7 events, attended 5 other events, was suprised with a weekend trip to Branson (thanks to Mark), and got older (officially, at least). What a whirlwind, and Homecoming is still to come.

So…that’s why you haven’t seen us on here. At least I’ve spoken to family in the last week, so most of you know we’re still kicking here.

I don’t know how much I’ll be able to post on here, but don’t forget about us. Check back later to hear how it all went and to see pictures.


I’ve been lost all week, asking myself “what day is today?” Being off on Monday, and having an all-day, off-site meeting on Tuesday has turned my work week into a blur. I kept thinking Wednesday was Monday and today was Tuesday, but I keep reminding myself that tomorrow is, in fact, Friday. Wouldn’t it be nice to skip a couple of days every once in a while?

We went to Dallas over the long weekend to see my brother, Jeff, and his wife, Liz. They’ve just recently moved and we’re so excited to have them a “short” drive away (well, it is a shorter drive than Tampa, Fla. where he used to live). We enjoyed their new house, relaxed, laughed, ate great food, and played with their new dog, Bailey. What a sweet dog she is.

So, with all the traveling and missing 2 days this week, I just now found some time to get on here and update. Here are two photos for you:

Proof that Jeff is still mean to his little sister.

And Bailey, who let us do pretty much anything, including covering her in a blanket (guess my brother gets bored when I’m not around and has to bug somebody else…) :o)