Monthly Archives: August 2007

Wise beyond her years

Last week, Mark and I “kidnapped” Emma Claire and brought her to campus for the Welcome Back Dinner – an evening of fun for the whole university family with a BBQ dinner, inflatables, dunk tank, square dancing, county fair type games, sno-cones, cotton candy, and more.

We did what all great non-parents do: we exposed her to high amounts of sugar with her very first sno-cone and then dropped her off at home :o). Ask her about the evening, I’m sure she’ll tell you she had a snoooo-coooone (that’s the first thing she said about her night when we dropped her off). Just for the record: we had cleared the sno-cone with the parents before bringing her.

Anyway, the sugar obviously did not impair her observation skills because we were walking around when we came up to the area reserved for the Toilet Seat Horseshoe game. The game is exactly what it sounds like – toilet seats replace horseshoes as each person tries to ring them around a stake a few yards away. Yes, this is a college campus event. So, she walks up and tries to pick up a toilet seat – “Look” she says. I respond, “Yeah, it’s a toilet seat” all the while hoping that they’re not recycled, because the whole thing is kind of grossing me out (and I know it would gross her mom out even more). She then proceeds to put it back and walks on to the next thing while saying “That’s really strange.”

And that was that.


Classes started yesterday. I meant to post yesterday, but for some reason the day just flew by and time escaped me. We had our first chapel service today. It’s always so good to hear the cathedral full of singing voices.

Part of me is sad that school has started. Sad that I’m not starting classes, too.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t miss homework. My real nostalgia comes from the deep excitement that I get over new school supplies. I know, I’m a nerd, but there’s something about a brand new notebook with never-before-written-on pages and brand new pens. Ahh, pens. And new sharpies? Oh, bliss.

The other day I found a reason for needing a new notebook. I was so excited that I could actually justify going and picking out a brand new notebook with a fun design on the cover. Those first pages are perfect: neat handwriting, even-sized bullets, and NO doodles. Once the newness wears off, things start getting sloppy, but once it’s full – time to get a new one :o)

If you ever want somebody to accompany you to an office supply store, I’m there…

Home Sweet Home

After working a bunch this weekend, I decided to take the day off and stay home today. Of course, there’s always things to do when I’m home because they didn’t get done over the weekend when I wasn’t here, but I’m still able to rest.

All the new students are going through Orientation right now, so I’m sure the campus is buzzing with activity. Move-in went pretty well, although I was pretty sore Saturday morning. It’s always fun to see what students bring – I was helping at the all-girls’ residence hall and had a blast seeing all the fun accessories. It’s kind of neat to see what new rugs, chairs, bedding, and decoration pieces they find. Cute stuff. There’s also a ton of fun dorm room organizing products which are especially fun for me. How fun is it that you can buy all new things and decorate and organize your room?

Well, Mark’s about to get home for lunch so I’m going to get some food ready.