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All Partied Out

I’m at home, sitting on the couch, watching TV (and blogging, I guess…) and TIRED. I planned two events today and any time I have even just one event, I’m pretty much fried the rest of the day. Tomorrow I have two more events, but fortunately I’m a guest (I don’t get to do that very often and it’s nice to sit back and enjoy). Then, on Saturday, we’re going to Wichita for an Alumni Event (once again in the planner role).

So, I’m partied out (5 “parties” in two days, whew), but at least I have a week to recoup before my reception for around 900 people (and then a week after that I have another reception for about 500). Those will be fun and I’m excited about the decor – even if there are around 120 centerpieces to put together… :o)

Anyway, now you know why you haven’t heard from us. But here are the promised pictures of the pantry.

The new rack on the door, installed by the resident HandyMan…

The shelves.

Why we’re great together…

Mark and I were quite the team yesterday. We went to Lowe’s and found some awesome organizational stuff on sale (almost everything we bought was 75% off). We bought some racks to put on our pantry door, some sliding trays for the cabinets, and then quite a few canisters for our dry goods (we bought those at W-World later in the day).

Well, we all know how excited I naturally get over this kind of stuff, but here was our conversation when we got home with our new purchases:

Mark – Are you excited about getting these installed?
Joy – Um, no…I’m excited about filling them.
Mark – Oh, I don’t want to fill them. I want to see them filled, but I don’t want to do it.

So there you have it. The perfect team. He enjoys installing everything and I enjoy filling it all up and deciding what goes where.

You should see the pantry. My, my, it’s beautiful. Sorry – no pictures, we were too busy. I’ll try to snap a few and get them up.


I play intramural soccer. I’ve been the goalkeeper for this team since I was a student and have seen the team change over the years. It’s fun to get away from the office and interact with students (since my move to my current job, I don’t get to be with students as much which is hard sometimes).

I have to confess that I act old sometimes, though. I am the only staff person on the team and my schedule is just different. I think having a game at 10pm at night is crazy. I was there, though. Also, playing the final game at 9:30pm at night in the pouring rain is crazy. But, I was there then, too.

And I’m glad I was, because on Tuesday night, in a muddy soccer field (it stopped raining at half-time, fortunately), we won the championship game. Here’s our team:

And to my # 1 fan, Mark…thanks for going out in the freezing cold weather and in the rain to cheer us on. I’ll let you wear my Intramural Champion T-shirt sometime.