Monthly Archives: February 2007

What a day…

First things first…
Happy Birthday, Mom!
It’s Vivian’s birthday today…

It’s 6pm and I’ve just now “finished” work for the day. Mark’s still plugging away and I’m just sitting and waiting for him. Oh, there’s more that I could do, but I’ve crossed all the tasks off that HAD to be done today and I’m tired.

See, it’s Family Weekend this weekend and I’m going to be sprinting all week. I have tasks lined out for every day of the week and that’s the minimum that needs to be done OR ELSE I’ll be in trouble come Friday. We have 450 family members signed up already, so it should be a fun weekend.

By the way, we had a great V-Day. I didn’t make that card but I don’t think he cared. :o) We went out to dinner at a great little Italian Place to celebrate. Not much has happened since then, sorry to say.

I’ll post again if I get a moment to breathe.

V-Day Plans

Mark’s in class right now, so I’m at home by myself. I could use this time to be totally sneaky and plan something huge for Valentine’s Day, except that we’re not doing anything big for V-day. No gifts, no cards (at least I didn’t buy a card…). We’ll probably go out for dinner, but I just didn’t want any overpriced flowers, huge stuffed animals, or chocolate (well, I might want chocolate, but I sure don’t need it). So instead, we’re going to go out for dinner like everyone else –what are we thinking? — time to find an obscure restaurant with great food and small crowds…

So instead, I’m going to work on stuff around the house. I could make him a card from my supply of paper/ribbon… hmm… I think my creative juices are running a bit dry from planning so much for my huge weekend of events coming up next week, but that’s a good idea. Hope he’s not reading our blog during class — it might ruin the surprise :o)

Following up on some things

There have been several things in the past few posts that have left you hanging (I’m sure you’re just wondering about them…), so I thought I would do a follow-up post:

Mom and Dad’s Story – read about their trip back home (and more) here

Taxes – well…let’s just put it this way: we’re not paying, but we’re also not becoming rich overnight.

Pictures from the SLR camera – yeah, the rolls are still sitting in the case. I forgot to take them when we went grocery shopping and I want to REALLY avoid going to you-know-where twice in one week.

We had a good weekend. We stayed home, took naps, cleaned house, did laundry, you know…the basic weekend routine.

I made these deep dish chicken pies (basically chicken pot pie without the bottom crust) in my ramekins and they turned out so nice and tasty. Instead of baking the whole thing in a big casserole dish, I split it up into small dishes and topped each of them with pastry crust brushed with egg. They came out with such a pretty golden brown color. Mark said they looked professional. Well, I DO watch Food Network :o)

I would post a picture of them, because they were photo-worthy. Yes, were. They’re all gone. Maybe next time I’ll get a picture. Maybe I’ll make them for you next time – if you come visit.