Monthly Archives: January 2007

Another Anniversary

This weekend marked another anniversary in our lives. We have been homeowners for a year.

It seems crazy that we have been in our house for a year already. Sometimes it seems longer as it is definitely “home.” But, then we look at the empty canvas sitting above the fireplace and we’re either reminded that it hasn’t been very long OR we are seriously creatively blocked (or intimidated). Speaking of paintings, I finished another set this weekend, so I’ll put pictures up soon.

We also went to Tulsa this weekend for a wedding. Weddings are always so fun (especially for me being an event planner). I’m always so interested in experiencing other events. At one point during the reception, I heard the catering director run across the floor and thought “Ah, I’m so glad that’s not me” – it’s nice to not be in charge of events sometimes – and then I thought “Oh no, do I do that?” – it’s always good to keep myself in check and see things from a guest perspective.

Anyway, it was a good and busy weekend. Mark and I got all dressed up and Dad took a picture of us, so we’ll put it on here to prove that we can look nice every once in a while :o)


Well…today will be a day of reunions in our family:

Dad gets in today from Portugal (we thought maybe he would be able to get in last night, but they couldn’t get him on an earlier flight so he had to spend the night in Newark). Reunion=Us+Dad

Dad goes and picks up Mom at Grandma and Grandpa’s. Reunion=Dad+Mom (they’ve been apart for 3 weeks)

Dad and Mom come back to our house. Reunion=Us+Mom

So, yep. It’s going to be a busy day. Lots of hugging =o)

Something New

Yes, you’ve come to the right place. We just decided to do something new because this is our 1st Anniversary on Blogger! That’s right…one year ago today we posted for the very first time. Thanks for sticking with us and for celebrating with us. Our new look is our anniversary gift to you — to keep things new, exciting, and fresh for you, our faithful readers =o)

And, now, because we all know pictures are way more exciting than us gabbing about stuff. Here are some pictures of the ice storm from this weekend. Sorry they’re not great. I was taking them through the car windshield on the way to work (no I wasn’t driving…).

The blue is the tinting on the windshield — kind of cool, I thought.