Monthly Archives: December 2006

Merry Christmas

Greetings from Colorado! The roads were clear and there weren’t too many others on the road with us, so it was a good trip. Just wanted you to know that we got here safely and are having a blast with family.

We’re all just hanging out today. We were supposed to go up to Denver tonight to pick up Mom and Dad, but their first flight was cancelled. They got on the next flight out, but that made them miss their next flight. So, we’ll go up tomorrow and do “Christmas” after that.

May you have a wonderful, restful day.

I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas…

Well, whether we were dreaming of a white christmas or not, that’s what we’re getting…we’re going to Colorado.

Great. Let’s drive into into what has been declared a state of emergency. That sounds smart. =o)

The truth is we’re excited and by the time we hit the road on Saturday most of the messiness will be over. My parents will be flying into Denver Christmas Day, also once most of the messiness is over there, so that’s good.

I’ve heard that this is the biggest storm to hit since March 2003. Hmm, March 2003 sounds familiar…oh yes…I was in Denver. In. The. Snow.

It was my first year on staff and I had a group of students with me for a spring break mission trip to the innercity of Denver. Yes. I was alone with 14 students (mostly freshmen) in 36″ of snow.

As a staff person, it was a stressful trip…I was worried I was going to lose a student in the snow (when they were building igloos in the parking lot!) or not be able to get them home (when I could hardly find the van in the parking lot) or have to pay for damage on a vehicle (a wiper on the back of one of the vans broke off from the weight of the snow). But, I still have a lot of fond memories from that trip.

Anyway. Glad we’re getting there after the storm and that I don’t have 14 students with me. Mainly, I’m just glad we’re going and am looking forward to adding more “blizzard” memories to the ones from 2003.

The pictures I promised long ago

There’s probably nothing really going on at our house that’s any different than yours – we’re busy getting ready for Christmas, too – so I won’t bore you with words and leave you instead with some visual images of what’s been happening.

Sorry I didn’t back up any further to give you the full effect – it was raining and I was a wimp. That’s the extent of our outdoor decorating. The door’s already red, so really what else do we need =o)
The decorated tree and the mantle with stockings hung with some care.

We’ve never had a fireplace before – it was fun to be able to hang our stockings this year.

Sorry this one is blurry – this is our little travel tree. Mark and I have a tradition of buying an ornament in cities that we visit. This year, we decided to buy another tree so that we could highlight our travel ornaments. It’s fun to pull them out of the box every Christmas and relive the experiences we had.

Important Background info for the next pictures: Emma Claire came over to spend some time with us.


Aha…the culprit…

She was transferring stickers all night – I found them everywhere after she went to bed (including several in the tree and one on my bottom – must have sat on something that had been “decorated”).