Monthly Archives: November 2006

Texas and the Tannenbaum

Well, we’re back in Texas. Mark’s mom is here and we were planning on coming down on Friday (or maybe even Thursday afternoon), but then Arkansas was going to get a big winter storm so we decided to try to get out before it got snowy and icy. We left Ark. last night and pulled into Central Texas in the middle of the night. It’s nice to be here and not where it’s getting nasty back at home.

So for all of you watching the radar of our area (Mom), don’t worry…we’re not on the road and we’re staying put at Mark’s grandma’s house.

I was going to post pictures last night of our time here in Texas last weekend but then we got in the car to travel so that didn’t happen. So, here they are now.

At the game…feeling dizzy?

The Alamo, of course.

Mark reading Peter Rabbit to Everett, our cousins’ son (I never know what that makes us – second cousins, first cousins once removed?…anyway…)

And now, part of the reason for the title of this post: our Tannebaum in our living room. When we were shopping for houses I kept saying “oh, this won’t fit our tree” or “oh, our tree will fit perfectly.” We found this tree at a garage sale for $10, so obviously I wasn’t going to pick a house (or not pick a house) based solely on that. But, oh how excited I am that the tree fits! We had to move furniture around but I like the way it sits in the corner. I walked outside and you can see the lights glistening through the window in our front door. We haven’t put ornaments on it yet, but for now we’re enjoying it just with the lights.

Lights off.

Lights on (umm, that canvas will be painted soon…).

Next picture: ornaments on and other Christmas decorations up.

Home Again, Home Again

We made it back safely last night after a wonderful Thanksgiving with Mark’s family in Texas. I guess a lot of other people have family in Texas too, because they were ALL with us on the highway (wow, talk about nasty traffic…).

The game was great. Did you see us? =o) We took a few pictures so I’ll try to get those uploaded to show you. We had a blast and loved the fact it was such a close game. I was cheering for the Spurs and Mark was cheering for the Mavs (aren’t we the odd couple). Mavs won, which I guess is OK since we were celebrating Mark’s birthday =o)

On the way to San Antonio, we stopped by the brand new IKEA near Austin. We found a great bed for our guest room, so if you come and stay with us you won’t be sleeping on a mattress on the floor. It may feel like you are since it’s a platform bed, but it is a bed, I promise… IKEA products are notorious for being complicated to put together (anyone remember that Amazing Race challenge in Sweden when they had to put this IKEA desk together?) so I’m sure we’ll have a fun time with that, but we’ll post pictures of the finished product.

Happy Thanksgiving

We’re off to Texas today to spend Thanksgiving with Mark’s side of the family. We’ll get to see people we haven’t seen since the summer of our wedding, so we’re really excited.

I think I forgot to mention this, but on Friday we are going down to San Antonio to celebrate Mark’s birthday and use his birthday gift – I bought him tickets to the San Antonio Spurs vs. Dallas Mavericks.

I was watching one of the Spurs’ games on TV, and at one point they scanned the crowd. I couldn’t even really see where we’ll be sitting. But when the game is on, look up. up. up. up. We’ll be the tiny speck in the distance. We’ll wave so you know it’s us.

We have so much to be thankful for and on that list are our family and friends. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.