Monthly Archives: October 2006

Tonight’s the night. We’re using…

Toilet paper. =o) (I was going to put a picture of a roll of toilet paper to keep this interesting, but blogger is not cooperating)

That’s right, folks. We’re breaking out the toilet paper…for the JBU toilet paper game tonight.

It’s tradition for everyone in the stands to throw toilet paper right after the first basket of men’s first home game. It’s truly amazing to see so much tp flying through the air.

We had just gone to Sam’s and bought some toilet paper, but I couldn’t bear the thought of throwing a whole roll of nice, quilted, soft tp onto the court. So, I went to Wal-Mart and bought the cheapest kind they had – sandpaper, basically.

Once, I got hit in the head by a roll of toilet paper. Hmmm, hope nobody’s taking any industrial rolls out of the public restrooms…that could knock ya out.

Promenade Stories

We have a new mall in our little corner of the world. It’s called the Pinnacle Hills Promenade.

It’s a new outside mall where all the stores open up to wide sidewalks with fountains, pretty landscaping, and street lanterns. It’s really pretty and for once, you almost (almost) forget you’re in Arkansas because of all the fancy shoppes (notice the spelling – very important) and the Orange Julius (wow!, yes this is a big deal). For brief moments we are transported to another place – until you walk by the Razorback Football Shop (that’s our University of Arkansas Team for those of you who aren’t from ’round here…) and THEN, it all comes rushing back.

There’s a P.F. Chang’s there (chinese bistro in case you’ve never heard of it) so we decided to see if we could have dinner there. It’s 6:30 on a Saturday evening (not the best time to hit a new restaurant), but there weren’t lines of people outside so we thought we’d go in and put our name in. Mark walks up, asks what the wait time is for 2 people, and she replies (with the most apologetic look on her face), “4 hours.” 4 hours?!

Obviously, we didn’t wait for 4 hours. We went instead to another restaurant, used a gift card that I had won at work, had a wonderful, COMPLETELY FREE dinner, drove home (30 minutes), and started watching a movie – all before our 4 hour wait time was up.

Lesson learned: make a reservation =o)

Middle of the week…

…and boy, do I feel it. It’s getting darker and darker in the mornings and harder and harder to get up. Maybe I wouldn’t be so tired if I had gone to bed earlier, but I was having way too much fun reconciling our account in quickbooks. I know you can’t tell I was being sarcastic, but I was…=o)

Mark and the rest of the guys made it back safely from camping. You obviously knew that, because as we used to say in our family “No news is good news.” They were soaked to the bone because it rained all day on Sunday and they had to hike back in it, but I think that just made them that more anxious to get home.

Mark took a disposable camera. When we get the pictures back maybe I’ll post some. If they’re safe. =o)