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And then there was one.

After a month of family in and out of our house, I’m alone. All of a sudden the house was empty on Tuesday. Mom and Dad left to go back home and Mark left to go help Matt and Missy move.

I thought that I would have all the time in the world now – not that Mark is high maintenance, but when you’re by yourself you have more time to do stuff or maybe it’s just that I need to do something to keep from going crazy. With all this time I was going to blog, iron, and catch up on paperwork at home. Have I done any of these? Well, I guess I’m working on the first one, but the others…well… I have good friends who keep my busy. And doing things with them is definitely better than ironing, that’s for sure.

So here’s what I was going to blog about with all this free time I had found.

On Tuesday evening, after saying goodbye to Mark, I pulled up to pay for parking. There was an older gentleman in the booth. Here is what happened:

Man: $2, please.

Joy: ( hands over $5 bill).

Man: I just want you to know that your suit is so nice. It is very sophisticated, yet elegant and feminine at the same time. You look really nice. (hands over 2 $1 bills as he’s saying this).

Joy: (Thinking quickly, I’m not the greatest at math, but I know I’m missing a dollar…do I say something? He was so nice…what a nice compliment. Do I let it go?) Thank you very much. Hmmm…was it not $2? (as I show just two dollar bills).

Man: Oh, yes. Oh, and you gave me $10, right?

Joy: No, no. Just a $5.

Man: (smiling) Oh, I was just so distracted by your outfit. It’s just a really great suit.

Joy: (smiling really big). No problem. Thank you very much.

Man: Thank you. Have a nice day.

Joy: You too.

I was smiling really big coming out of the parking lot. I was kind of bummed because in one afternoon, I had seen both my parents and my husband walk through security to get on a plane without me.

And then, there was this man, so impressed by my outfit (black pumps, jeans, white cami, black T, suit coat) leading to one of the funniest, most guilt inducing ticket booth experiences for me. I was having a huge battle inside my head about that $1 – should I tell him? Should I let it go? I decided to say something, but I’m still wondering if I should have.

Bottom line: I’m smiling more about him and his compliment than I am about the dollar that is still in my wallet.

Money isn’t everything. Sometimes a compliment is all somebody needs. Say something nice to someone today. They’ll remember it – and may even blog about it, too…

Meet the Fam

Most of these pictures were taken at Grandma Izzy Potter’s 90th Birthday Party.

Grandma Izzy and her siblings: Uncle Clell and Aunt Easter



Grandma with her kids and their spouses.

The Potter Family

Back Row: Ed (Dad), Jeff, Rick, Rachel

Front Row: Abbie (Mom), Grandma Izzy, Joy


The 7 nieces and nephews on the Potter side.

Back Row: Gabbie, Chelsea, Brody, Justin

Front Row: Joel, Breezy, Brennan

Almost the whole clan…

Wild sunflowers as centerpieces.



Gabbie. I had to keep reminding myself she’s 11 (especially as I watched her talk to these ladies for a good part of the afternoon).

Wild game of UNO among cousins.

When Brennan, Brody, and Breezy stayed with us in the wall to wall airbed office. =o)

Twice in one day…wow!

Y’all missed it! (Just wanted to give you the most Arkansan feel for that opening statement and for what you’re going to read next).

At 2pm, I was in a meeting with a student when the President (not George W.) walked into my office and said, “There’s a tornado sighting, we need to go downstairs.”

Umm…OK…let’s see…cell phone…good…OK…down we go. (That’s what was running through my mind).

I grab my cell phone (which later will prove to be no good to me either because of where we were or because of the storm) but forget to save what I had been working on. Yeah, good one. Don’t save that excel file you were working on when there’s a tornado coming…guess it wouldn’t really have helped to save it if a tornado hit anyway.

So, we go downstairs and wait in the hallway. And wait. And wait.

A tornado did not touch down, although the security officer said that one had been spotted on State Line Rd. Yeah, umm…campus is right on the state line…=o) All we got was REALLY strong winds, somebody said 3 inches of rain – and it’s still raining – and a break from the office.

A girl next to me said “Wow, it’s my first day of college and now this…” Bless her heart, if this is any sign of what’s to come, she’s going to have an exciting 4 years.

Y’all shoulda been here. =o)

Oh, and my excel file was just fine.