Monthly Archives: July 2006

They’re coming…

My mom and dad get here in less than 4 hours. =o)

We’re ready.

The house is clean.

The kitchen is stocked.

Their fresh (white) towels are on their bed, with a mini-Mounds chocolate bar sitting on top (the package is red and white, which matches the room perfectly). So fun.

Maybe you’ll want to come stay with us, too. I want to stay in the guest room it looks so good.

Let the fun begin!

Living Room and Bathroom

Here are the pictures I promised….


Shot of the living room from the “foyer” with the new curtains and pillows that I made this past weekend. The green fabric is actually a tablecloth. Each window is a tablecloth that I cut in half to make panels, then used the extra fabric for the pillows (because I got the largest size) .

You can’t tell in this picture, but I put green ribbon on the lampshade.


The new armoire! I also covered the lampshade in the corner and put green ribbon on it as well. I’m sorry you can’t see those details or the curtain rods or the fun walnut grain on the armoire. You’ll just have to come over and visit.


Well, it’s actually pictures of the new painting in the guest bathroom.

We’re coming to the end of the projects. We’ve got a couple more canvases to paint, but then we’re done – no more curtains, no more pillows. I need to get a hobby or I won’ t have anything to blog about. (I realized that all our posts have been about the house and I was wondering what I would talk about once that all came to an end…and that time is near)

BUT, my parents come in tomorrow and then my sister and her three kids come. I think I’ll have plenty to blog about for the next couple of weeks.

Then I’ll pick up a hobby.

Project Update

Good news: We finished the living room this weekend and I finished another painting.

Bad news: ALL (8) of our batteries for the camera are dead (guess we’ve been busy, huh?)

Good news: Mark was able to get two pictures of the coffee table centerpiece for Tabletop Tuesdays.

More good news: We’ll recharge the batteries and take some pictures.