Monthly Archives: April 2006


My sister Rachel called me last night like she often does, but this time she said “You missed all the excitement!”

She first said that Breezy (my niece) lost her first tooth – definitely something to get excited about, I thought. But no, there was more to come.

She said Chris called her in the afternoon and told her she should get to the bike shop because there was a car parked in the store.

Read all about it here. My brother-in-law is Chris Brown, owner of Brown Cycles (by the way if you’re ever in Grand Junction, Colorado, you should go visit them! This story includes video of what aired on the news.


I was going to title this post “New Kid on the Block” but didn’t want any of you getting any ideas. So don’t…get any ideas. If I had named it that, it would be in reference to the new link on the side (Plan, Organize, Decorate – Joy’s Ideas).

Mark has been telling me that I should have a place to post my event planning stuff, so I created a new blog. Click here to see ideas about planning, organizing, and decorating. It’s more just a place that I can post pictures of my centerpieces and events (a portfolio, if you will) and a place to share all the great tips I read in Real Simple. I don’t feel like I have any great wisdom to share, this just makes it easier to show pictures to my mom =o)

In other news:

  • The door is still really red. It needs a few more coats to make it a little darker but guess what? Forecast says rain ALL weekend.
  • The garage is coming along. We got 3 shelves put together and one filled. We had some interruptions throughout the evening, so we’ll have to get back at it tonight. I did remember to take a before shot, though.
  • No sewing attempts yet. I don’t think I’ll be able to concentrate until the garage is done. Besides, now I’m totally intimidated because Caroline and Karyn both commented that they want to learn to sew =o) Where’s my mom when you need her?

My favorite hobby…

I like doing many things: reading, traveling, watching Amazing Race, and maybe in the near future I’ll say that I like sewing (no progress on that one yet…). But, this evening I get to do one of my favorite things – ORGANIZING! I can hardly wait to go home.

If you know me, you know I get really excited about organizational systems and having things all in order. However, if you saw our garage, you would wonder if you had the right house (well, that and because our door is now red – really, really red…I’m not putting pictures up until it’s completely finished, but it’s raining a lot here so you’re going to have to wait).

Anyway, the garage has been driving me crazy, and in the process I’ve probably been driving Mark crazy, so we bought some shelves for the garage. Mark gets to do one of his favorite things – building things and putting things together – and I get to eliminate chaos…it’s going to be a great evening!

Maybe we’ll take some before and after shots.