Monthly Archives: March 2006


Yeah, not sure what happened to the pictures of the hyacinth and the trees. Sorry you missed out on that. Maybe you can just imagine them…there…aren’t they beautiful?

We got all 3 trees planted this weekend – a Cherry Kwanzan in the front and a Flowering Bradford Pear and a Drummond Red Maple in the back. Mark did a great job putting some stakes in the ground and securing the trees, just in time for the howling winds that night. Nobody on our street has a fence in the back yet, so the wind just comes rushing through the houses, catching our young trees in the process.

Then, we planted 7 boxwoods, 6 blue rug junipers, and 2 hostas (sounds like the Twelve Days of Christmas – we do have a pear tree, just no partridge). Anyway, we have 3 more boxwoods and 2 dwarf alberta spruces to put in the ground.

It’s looking great. We mulched our front garden area and let me tell you, that makes all the difference in the world. Forget trying to plant, we should have just mulched it right off the bat.

It’s coming along. We’re wanting to plant a garden in the back (with herbs and veggies). If you have any great recommendations, send them our way.

OK…I’m not going to attempt to post any pictures today.


Because it’s the weekend, and weekends make me smile, I thought I would post some other things that made me smile this past week.


1st Birthday Parties…Emma Claire’s party was today.


Mark’s plate…when I told him it wasn’t nice to play with his food he said, “I’m not, I’m making art!” Yeah, you’re a “Pea-casso” honey…=o)


My green clogs…need I say more?


By the way, our furniture makes me smile too, so I’ll post some pictures soon.

Mission Accomplished

I said I wanted to decorate and plant and we did both of those…well, sort of…

We’ve decided to do our own art work (1- it’s cheaper, 2-it’s more meaningful). So, we hung canvases all over the house but none of them are painted. It’s a little funny for now, but they’ll soon be painted.

It was cold and rainy here, so the planting thing was also a little half-done. I prepped our flower box area (it’s actually a 12×12 foot area – BIG flower box) because we have this unwanted grass growing in there. (Why do things always grow when you don’t want them to – like waist sizes…?). Then we found this great deal on trees at a local farm and garden supply store in town, but they’re still sitting in their pots outside the front door. Favorite purchase: a pair of garden clogs in a wonderful shade of green (oh, they’re so fun!).

Another highlight – our furniture came yesterday! The house sure does look and feel different (it also smells a little like a furniture store, but we’re working on that). We’ll take some pictures (since we’ve been promising for a while).

P.S. – The green clogs are Joy’s. Mark bought a pair of black ones…boring…=o)