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Spinny Ride

One of the greatest children’s music album that I have ever heard is Snacktime by the Barenaked Ladies. Mia got it when she was less than a week old, thanks Uncle Jeff!, and we have been enjoying it for the past 5 years. We all like it, which is amazing, and let me tell you, when you can’t take one more go around of Let it Go it’s nice to break out 789 or The Ninjas. Anyway, one of the songs is about things he doesn’t like and one of them is spinny rides. For some reason, I can’t get that song out of my head this week. I feel like I’ve been on a spinny ride. I’m not going to say I don’t like it but I will say that at times it felt like I was going around at a higher speed than I would want to and there was no way to jump off.

Monday was Mark’s first day at work. He’s been enjoying it so far but naturally we’re all adjusting to him being gone longer during the day because of the commute. Tuesday we had a showing (we actually think it was two showings back to back with the same realtor) and then Wednesday morning I got a call asking if we could do another showing in less than an hour. I negotiated an hour and a half and got zipping around doing the last little touches and getting all of us dressed and out the door. See? Spinny ride.

No showings today, but it was a workday and I didn’t want to get caught up at work and get a phone call to show it so I prepped the house before work just in case. Two showings on back to back days will make you do crazy things like that.

So it’s been a great week: Mark is enjoying his job and the house is showing a lot for its first week. But still….I’ll be ready when the music stops for a bit and I can jump off and sit on a stationary bench for a little…Maybe tomorrow. That’s what Fridays are known for, right?


Where we’ve been and where we’re headed…sort of…

If you’ve called or emailed or stopped by this blog and wondered if we were still around, let me assure you we are. Remember when I said that things were kind of crazy busy and we were in the middle of transitions here? Maybe I didn’t actually type that and just imagined that I did instead. Do you know that it is a lot faster to think about writing a post instead of actually doing it? True story.

The short story is this: Mark starts a new job tomorrow, our house has a for sale sign out in the yard and I have a rash on my arm.

Oh wait, that last part doesn’t really fit in the transitioning part of it but it does add to the craziness of it all. And really, I probably got it from all the crazy cleaning/landscaping/general losing of my mind activities that go with getting this house ready to go on the market.

Selling a house is not easy, people. It’s emotionally, financially, mentally and physically exhausting. I actually got carpal tunnel from scrubbing my tile and grout. We just listed the house Friday so no showings yet. It looked really good Friday but the playroom already looks like a tornado (or two) went through it.

We’re not moving far. Mark’s new job is close to church so if I’m already commuting 40 min. twice a week (and then Saturdays) and he’ll be commuting the same 40 min. every weekday, it just makes sense for us to just move there and get that time out of every day back.

We’re excited but sad to leave. We love our house and our town. As we’ve been going through the house cleaning and rearranging we look at each other and think, why are we leaving again? I guess if we could pick the house up and move it, that would solve the problem… Mia has been praying that she won’t be too sad to leave this house and that the new people will like this house just as much as she does. She kept talking about things she would miss – her bed, the playroom, the playset, the wood floors – so we had to talk about things that would stay and go. Finally she said “It seems like we painted the house and did wood floors and carpet just for somebody else to enjoy it.” Um, yep…it does feel like that, doesn’t it? But the fact is that we’ve enjoyed them for 8 months and hopefully it will help sell the house so we don’t regret all that work (and $$).

But really, can’t we just take the whole house with us, wood floors and all? 🙂

So instead of blogging, I was cleaning out all the closets. When you called, I couldn’t hear the phone because I had my head stuck in the oven cleaning it out. But now, maybe I’m back. Sure, I need to clean the house up from it’s “comfortable, lived-in look” but no more endless hours with a brush tackling the grout. Ugh, glad that day is behind me.

Now, excuse me as I go get tornadoes F1 and F2 to help me find that carpet in the playroom we are going to miss so much.

Our New Routine

Today starts a new series of Thursdays for us.
This is Mark’s first night teaching a class once a week as an adjunct at the university (meaning he has now been student, staff and faculty there). That means the kids and I will be flying solo on Thursday nights. The house is nice and quiet right now but doing bedtime alone is not for the weak, especially since the three year old has decided the toothpaste tastes bad (never mind he’s had it for a while)…well, guess we’ll be buying more because pinning down a super strong toddler (preschooler? what is he now?) is not on my list of Thursday night fun.
Besides that, though, I’ve had the chance to have some good time with them. Mia said tonight that being with me is fun – and I’m only writing that down so I can show a 14 year old Mia that I wasn’t always lame.
Mark should be home soon but until he does I’m going to enjoy his side of the bed where the heating pad still works (my side stopped working – sad day). Seems like adequate payment for watching his kids. I might just come to like our new Thursday nights.