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A big week

Here we are again, on the eve of starting another school week. Weeks fly by, weekends are gone in a flash. Now that we actually have real school nights, we like to celebrate Fridays – surviving another week of work/school and taking advantage of the one night that we either don’t have to go to bed early or we’re not at church. We’re hoping to make this a really intentional evening with some fun adventures/learning for the kids but this past Friday was cold and rainy so we hopped in the car and went out for donuts. We stayed long enough to see a batch go from start to finish. So fun.


Saturday morning we participated with our neighbors in a juvenile diabetes walk. It was a cold morning, but that didn’t stop us from having fun.


Finn and spidey
You can imagine how excited Finn was about those two guys. He followed them everywhere. Towards the end of the walk, Finn was dragging a little. I spotted spider-dude (that’s what he calls himself – he does parties – don’t tell Finn) and told Finn that he was up ahead. He took off running and finished the race running. I was running to keep up. Guess that’s one way to get that boy’s energy back.

And now, here we are, staring Monday in the face. I still have lunches to make, so I better get going on that. It’s also Mia’s birthday week so there’s lots of extra things on the daily to-do lists. One of those tasks involves me going into the garage and finding the boxes that have the mixer, cake pans, cake plates, and icing bags and tips. Really wanting to rethink that decision to go homemade instead of just buying the cake. That garage….

It’s going to be a fun week and we’ll end it with lots of celebrating a 6 year old girl!

Full Weekend

We had a very fun, busy weekend. Friday night, we dropped the kids off at our friends’ house with a sitter and went out with them and two other couples for dinner and a movie. We had such a great time. Originally, we were just going to go out on a date night but then through a sequence of events, we ended up going as a group. It has been so long since we’ve gone out with friends and as much as we like time away by ourselves, it’s so good to go as a group. We talked, laughed, and (I) cried during the movie. A full evening of emotions. And a really late night for the kids who were still awake when we got back after the movie.
Saturday, we had two parties and then church (where we packed operation christmas child shoe boxes in classes). So, on top of all the fun party stuff, I had to get the shoe box project ready and done so they could go out on the truck. Dinner after church made for late night #2 in a row for the kids.
Fortunately, the calendar for today was completely empty so we were able to stay home, get caught up on some stuff, do some puzzles as a family and then enjoy the unusually warm weather for November.
I like doing things and everything we did this weekend was so fun, but having a day that required nothing of us was really, really good. Of course, it didn’t hurt that we got a warm sunny day thrown at us…
This should be a quieter week which will be nice. It’s the calm before the storm for us as we go into Thanksgiving – Finn’s birthday – Christmas and all its festivities mode. I’m going to enjoy every bit of this week (and maybe be smart and get a jump start on some stuff. Ha.)


Glad I posted about fall when I did because since then it seems like the weather around here is trying to jump straight to winter. It’s cold, folks. And much sooner than I expected. Oh, the afternoons are pleasant enough but mornings are in the 30s so we’ve hit that wonderful time of the year when we all try to figure out how to dress for a day that has a temperature variation of 30+ degrees.

Besides having to scramble and switch out kids clothes to accommodate rapidly dropping temps, we’ve had a busy week:
Mark and I went on a date (for the first time in a long time) while the kids had a fun “parents night out” at the gym where Mia does gymnastics. Finn finally got to go on all the things he’s been wanting to try out but can’t because he has to sit and watch big sister with me. It was a chilly, rainy evening and I got to wear my boots for the first time this fall and got to spend uninterrupted time with Mark (bonus: no little fingers digging ice out of my cup or dumping the contents of my purse out on the floor). Doesn’t get better than that…


Then, we had a garage sale, because you know…it was a balmy 35ish. Unfortunately, it was looking like our last free Saturday for a while so we knew we just needed to do it. We got rid of a lot of stuff which was great but our garage still hasn’t recovered.
While we were out there, Mia wanted to work on learning to ride a bike without training wheels. She’s doing so well and catching on fast!


And because things like this only happen at the worst/coldest times, the pilot light on our heater starting giving us fits and wouldn’t stay lit. It was cold outside and even colder inside in the shower. Brrrrrr, I do not like cold showers. We ordered a part (due to arrive in a couple of days) but Mark decided to see if he could just do some work on it and get it going before replacing the part. So glad he did because yesterday’s shower was nice and hot. I take for granted that I can just turn on the faucet and get hot water. 2 very cold showers will make you appreciate what you have. Thankful that the hot water is back and thankful for my husband for making it happen!

I have so much blogging to catch up on so hopefully we can keep the excitement to a minimum in the next few days so I can back track.