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Beauty through the kitchen window

This picture is from yesterday when we had our first spring storm of the season. We didn’t have to go into the laundry room, which was nice, so while Mark was at class, the kids and I enjoyed watching the storm through the window.

The kids were so excited about the rainbow and I loved the contrast of the dark sky with the sun shining on our tree with its new buds. I grabbed my phone to take a picture and right then lightning flashed.


What a way to see the beauty and power and goodness of our Creator all at once… There are storms in this life but his mercies are new every morning and his love everlasting. Thankful for the way God reminds us of His promise in very visible ways when we’re in the midst of a storm and the way that the life of spring follows the death of winter.

In like a Lion

There’s more white stuff on the ground so more time at home. We’re getting better at it and today was actually a fun day. Of course day 1 is always easier than day 7 but doesn’t look like we’ll be in that long. I have been wrong before, though.

Anytime it snows, Finn keeps going around squealing “It’s Christmastime!” We’ve finally convinced him that it’s not Christmas just because there’s snow so he’s finally saying “It’s snowy!” Poor kid, this winter has him confused. Along with the rest of us.

Not sure what kind of tricks I’ll have up my sleeve tomorrow but my house is clean, I’m not buried in laundry, and we’re stocked with food. I feel like I could take a couple snow days thrown at me and I’m determined to just sit back and make the most of them. Now to convince myself that I don’t have to do everything on my to do list just because we’re stuck at home.

“Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off”

No, not the snow, although if I could I would. No school again tomorrow and with another round coming on Thursday it’s looking like a long few days ahead. Fortunately, gymnastics rarely closes so we braved the roads and got out for Mia’s class. They really weren’t bad, the sun had done a lot of melting. She was one of three girls in the class and we were all able to get out and look at some other people’s faces for a bit. I imagine it’s all refreezing again.

No, this post is a recap of an actual dinner conversation with 3 year old Finn.

I want a potato.
A potato?
Yes, a blue potato (recently, he’s been calling things that are red blue and things that are blue red. Which makes conversations that much more exciting).
You mean red?…Oh, a tomato?
Yes, a potato. (Just recently, tomatoes were “natoes” so the potato thing was throwing me off).
Finn, it’s a tomato.
Um, never mind…here’s your tomato.

He really was trying. He wasn’t trying to be funny, he just genuinely thought we were saying potato. I would be worried, except I’m not because a) he’s 3, b) he says these sounds just fine in other situations – he can say “tomono” [as in, what are we doing tomorrow?] really well, trust me, and c) at least he’s eating tomatoes. Please don’t try to scare me into going to a speech therapist. I wouldn’t even be able to make it there if I wanted to. 😉 Besides, Mia used to call tomatoes “tornadoes” so this tomato nickname thing is clearly something Stoner children are good at. We’re calling the whole thing off.