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Snow update

Last time I was on here we were wondering if we would get our first snow days of the year. We did. Finally went to school on Thursday after it all started Sunday night. Since then we’ve had more (and more) snow and another round of stuck-at-home snow over the weekend. And now…here we are again. 2-4″ inches predicted although the national weather service keeps being mean and saying 10″. Really?! Guess, we’ll see how long that keeps us in. We’re stocked on food, Finn has a new (to him) pair of snow boots that we found for $3. I’d say we’re as ready as we’ll ever be.
Although the last time this hit, Finn seemed to not love all of it. Except for the hot chocolate and marshmallows part, of course.


We tried to keep busy around the house as much as we could: besides playing in the snow, we built forts, did some activities and sorted stuff for a consignment sale. That view of the playground almost did me in one of those days.


Of course, we had to get out too. It’s important to stay hydrated and take the time to refuel between stuck at home phases.


One thing I do know. Rain or shine (or snow)… things are never boring with these two around.

Hoping for winter

Shocking, I know.
The past few weeks have been a blur – a frenzy of school activities, valentine prep, parties, big work projects and who knows what else… All I know is that it may have all been fun but it’s sure more fun now that I can look back at it and smile and remember. And sleep. Amazing how quickly that gets scarce.
So, it’s no surprise that I’m hoping that the weather guys are right about the impending storm. There’s potential for some serious inches of winter precipitation and as long as it’s not ice – as we’re prone to have in these parts – I’m all for getting stuck at home and being forced to slow down.
I reserve the right to change my mind with the onset of cabin fever.
In the meantime, the house is stocked with normal food, special baking ingredients, and entertainment. It better do something… Because who wants a high of 24 degrees and no excuse for not being able to get to school/work?
Look for updates from winterville.

What happened to Fall?

That may be a touch dramatic, but I feel like we quickly went from eating popscicles outside to almost becoming popscicles outside, with no great Autumn sandwiched in between to ease us into the bone chilling cold we feel here.

We have two “winter precipitation events” headed our way and I’m sorry, but I just can’t have Finn’s exhuberant reaction when he heard the word S-N-O-W. Maybe if I could be guaranteed to be home and not have to get out in it… I am thankful none of us are driving 30 miles to work/school. That eases stress. I’m also ecstatic that we were finally able to get the garage sorted out from the move and we can now park in there. One school morning of scraping ice off the car was enough to motivate us to kick into high gear on that front.

So living here and having Mia settled in at school (and being able to finally park in the garage), things are slowly getting into a routine and we’re finding our new normal. Even if that does mean snow in November. So wrong…

We celebrated Mark’s birthday this week, in a way only a 6 and almost 4 year old could dream up: donuts for breakfast and Chick-fil-a for dinner. They each picked their presents all by themselves: one picked a fancy disposable razor and one picked a “build-on brick” mug, basically a Lego mug that you can build all kinds of stuff out of/onto. Bet you can figure out who gave what. Ha, so match their personalities.  (Unfortunately, Mark has yet to be able to use one of his gifts – Finn calls it his Lego coffee.).  If you asked Mark, I think he would say it was all perfect.

They’re practically teenagers:


planning great celebrations


and wearing huge shoes.


What happened?

But they’re still just so fun.
We were waiting for her prescription (ear infection and respiratory stuff) and she was watching herself dance on the screen, couldn’t get any better than this blur of a picture. Yes, she is sick. Oh the wonders of ibuprofen.

Now to get some rest because they sure don’t sleep in like teenagers.