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And then Monday comes…

Well, I’m so glad that I got all the sweetness covered in yesterday’s post.

That cute girly girl in that adorable pink tutu got written up on the playground today at school. Oh yes. If that just isn’t irony.

Lots of lessons were learned today. Lots. By her. By her parents.  [By her brother if he knows what’s good for him. Who, by the way didn’t cry today at drop off. Go figure. One problem semi-down and then another one pops up. Of course. Because nobody said this would be easy.]

I won’t go into all of it on here. Apparently she neglected to tell her teacher that it was “self-defense” so it went down that she just out of the blue initiated it. Who knows if he did something to her that made her do what she did.

We learned we tell the whole story, all the truth, no matter what. Whether we’re to blame or not. Whether we started it or not.

She was very sorry and was mortified that her teacher was going to have to tell me. So clearly she realizes she made a poor decision. I told her what the consequence would be (and apparently I chose well because the sadness that came from that made it obvious that it struck a nerve…as a parent you don’t want to cause any more pain to your kid but telling them “You choose to do that, this is your consequence” and hearing them say “Ok, that’s fine” kind of makes you kind of wish you had gone with the other option.  I hit the jackpot today and maybe she’ll remember it. I hope).

We learn there are consequences. Sad, sad consequences.

The mama bear in me hates that she suffered an injustice and then got the whole brunt of being the one who got in trouble or who suffered consequences. Don’t get me wrong, the conversation we had would not have changed much had the whole truth come out, but it’s just one of those things: the whole, great, my kid is the one who got in trouble. And if I were to be totally honest, I hate it because I feel like I’m taking a hit as a parent. Well, if I had parented differently then this wouldn’t be happening. There’s a lot of truth to that, but there’s also a lot of guilt that is unnecessary. She’s 4. She’s spirited. She’s tough. I’ve always prayed that she would be strong, independent and confident but with a sensitive and compassionate heart. As my dad says, be careful what you pray for. She was strong and then her compassionate heart kicked in. Only it was 2.7 seconds too late.

We learned that there’s a lot of injustice and pain out there and people won’t always treat us the way they should but that it’s up to us to choose how we respond. Wisely.

Parenting Mondays are hard. They’re humbling. They’re stressful. And you hope that by Tuesday, you’ve made wise decisions as you navigate the issue and guide your child. But in the end, we’re all stronger through this. We’ve come to the end of Monday with lots of good stuff to chew on and to hopefully use the next time we have a bad case of the Mondays. Until then, we look forward to the normal weekdays with all their ins and outs and the Saturdays when we get to twirl and smile and eat cookies.

Speaking of which, a cookie sounds like just what I need to cap off this day… This parenting gig can be the most fun one day and then catapult you in the opposite direction and leave you speechless and scratching your head (or wringing your hands or crying in your closet). Yes, I think I’ll take that cookie now.


I figured we needed something a little bit sweeter up here after that last Sticky post and Mia was happy to provide some girly, twirly content.

It was ballet recital week around here and while it was fun to see her on stage having a good time – and really, watching 3 and 4 year olds do a little ballet dance is just too cute…they really had no clue what they were doing half the time… – I’m pretty sure I’m not so cut out for this performance mom thing. There’s so much that goes into one teeny tiny 3 minute dance. This ballet dancer thing wears me out.

For the last practice of the week, their teacher decided to take them into the gym so they could get used to a bigger space. It was fun to be in there because we actually got to watch them practice their dance – I haven’t been able to see much of her classes all semester since all of us moms sit in the hallway and wrangle the younger siblings if they’re there.


Mia is on the right in the black leotard and pink skirt.



Their teacher, Ms. Anna, giving instructions.


A few days later it was time for dress rehearsal. The recital was at the university in their new performance center. Pretty special for little girls to get to dance on a big stage like that in an auditorium that seats 500.  Of course there was lots of backstage activities as they waited their turn.





Since it was dress rehearsal they had to have everything as it would be the day of the performance including hair and makeup. Mia wanted her hair in a bun like a real ballerina and she got to wear lip gloss. That was a pretty big deal and she kept wanting to have it touched up. Yikes.





I love this one of their teacher in the hallway helping the little girls line up to go on stage.




 Time to go on stage!



Mia and her partner are the last ones on the right.




And poor Finn…stuck for hours at the most girly extra-curricular activity. He found ways to make it fun (and just about wore me out in the process).




 Finally, it was recital day.



Jenny and I are the crazy moms who had their girls go into the bathroom for a picture. But seriously, with that wallpaper as a background, how could you not?


Those two were so excited to be there. They just kept dancing and twirling in the lobby…








Watching the big girls go through their dance one more time before the performance.



Last minute instructions from Ms. Anna. She is so patient….



This just cracks me up…


It was finally time!

When Mia walked out on the stage, Finn starts saying “Mia, Mia, Miaaaaa, MIAAAA.” And she just looks down and gives the sweetest little grin. He is her #1 fan!








Pretty sure all us moms in the group were walking the fine line between bursting with joy and busting up…those girls were just too funny.



But they TOTALLY nailed the end! And really, that’s all that matters 🙂



Miss Anna danced with a few of the older classes and this one was the pointe dance. Mia loved watching her dance, although she was confused that she was their teacher too. As we were watching Mia leans over and says “she’s our for real teacher, but she’s not theirs, right?” I said, “no, she’s their teacher too.” Mia looks at me with really big eyes and says “all these girls?!” So funny to see her little mind get blown away.





Bob and Judy came and brought flowers. It was Bob’s birthday that day and he chose to come watch little girls dance. How great is he?




Our little ballerina with her flowers from Bob and JuJu and from us.




With her teacher.




The two guys in her life! I’m sad I cut Mark out. I had the zoom lens on the camera so I could get Mia on the stage but then we were in the madhouse of the lobby and getting a picture was just a little nuts. Oh well…it’s still cute.





 A punch and cookie reception for all their hard work.


It was a fun day (week) but I’m kind of glad we’re not doing that anytime soon…. I’m not ready for this extracurricular mom thing but I’m thinking I’m getting thrown into it whether I want to or not. Now to find something for Finn that burns off A LOT of energy.


There are some things you don’t want to hear and some things you don’t want to see. But then, things can get really bad when those happen simultaneously.

Take the following situation. None of them by themselves are necessarily bad, but add all of them together and it’s just a nightmare.

Finn’s been playing quietly. This can be good. This can be bad. Last time he was really quiet (and hidden), I found him behind a chair in the living room with an open carton of chocolate Nesquick powder, stuffing his face. I think I scared him when I found him because he started coughing and powder flew out. (Then he looks at me, eyes as big as saucers, and says, ” CHOCO!!!!”. Hmmm, sugar rush anyone?)

So, naturally I’m skittish when Finn is quiet. But then I hear him.

1. I hear him saying “sticky…sticky”. Over and over.

Ok, not the worst words I could be hearing, but I figure I should still investigate. In case I have another Nesquick situation on my hands. (If only)

2. I see him trying to scrape something off his fingers.

Ok, still not worried until I notice that:

3. He’s naked from the waist down.

Ooookaaay. Sticky. Got it. Or now I’m thinking, maybe he’s saying stinky. Either or, doesn’t matter. It’s ok, you can laugh. I think it’s funny, too. Now.

We’ve hit the horrible phase of him not wanting to be in a wet or dirty diaper but is not interested in working on it not going in there in the first place.

So in the meantime, we check on him often, watch for things getting quiet, and kick it into high gear if we hear “sticky/stinky.”

Sorry if you though you would eat a snack and catch up on some blogs. Should have warned you. Come to our house and visit. Stuff like this happens all the time without warning. You never know what you’re going to find next. At least you hope you find it…


Update: As I hit publish on this, I thought “well, that’s fitting…Finn has been quiet.” Yeah, you’d think I would learn my lesson with that one. Total repeat of the Nesquick situation. I mean, really? Literally at the exact same time that I’m writing about it, it’s happening in my living room. I should change this blog to be a reality TV show. It practically is already. This blog is so current it’s scary.

I took a picture. But I’m not taking the time to get it off the camera right now. I’m too scared to see what I would find next.

Bonus? My living room has a sweet chocolatey aroma now…