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Still here…

I’m afraid to even see when I posted last. Before Colorado? Probably. Summer got off to a busy start. Take our usual madness of living life (and still trying to sell the house), toss in some road trips and the world cup and well, blogging is something I’m thinking I should have done as I fall into bed at night.

I wish I could give a detailed account of everything that has happened but there’s just enough hours in anybody’s day for all of that so I was just going ot do a whole big picture dump to catch things up and then just move on from there… Apparently, easier said than done. I have pictures stuck on a camera and photo software that loves to say that it’s not responding and really, after a whole day of convincing two small humans to do things they don’t want to do, I just don’t have the fight left in me. So pictures stay where they are and they’ll get uploaded another day.

Here’s what we’ve been up to, in no particular order of importance:

  • Still trying to sell the house. But I’m a pro now. I obsess way less about mopping than I used to.
  • The kids and I drove out to Colorado by ourselves. We all did great. The kids managed to not drive me crazy and I managed to keep us all alive. Win-Win.
  • We had lots of cousin fun in Colorado. It had been way too long since the little cousins had gotten together and they made up for lost time.
  • We’ve enjoyed several little periods with my parents. They’re gone again now but will be back in two weeks again. The kids love seeing them so much. Unfortunately, Finn went from calling Mom “Ms. Grandma” to “the other Grandpa”. Having “Grandpa and Grandpa” around is so much fun.
  • We took a little mini-trip to Branson with my parents and my Aunt Paula and Uncle Frank. Shopping, sightseeing, swimming and spinny rides. It was swell. It was confirmed to us that even though Finn seems to have very few fears – spiders being the main one – he does very much dislike rides, especially the ones that swing or go up and drop. There was a teacup ride so we asked him if he thought he wanted to do that one (after he cried through the ride just before it). This was his answer: “It not go up. It not go down. I fine.” And he was. Apparently spinning is ok. Feeling like you’re falling? Not so much. We even saw Lightning McQueen and Mater! See?…I have got to get those pictures uploaded. So good.
  • Did I mention our house is for sale? You want to buy it?
  • We went to our local art museum with my parents. They walked through the “serious” part of the museum while we played in the experience art area. So fun. The kids were busy the whole time and did not want to leave. We’re getting a children’s museum next year and I cannot wait.
  • We made our summer list. Lots of fun stuff planned out for what will be our last summer before we enter to schol years. I totally cheated and put things on there we’ve already done. Helps me feel better about accomplishing stuff and I can do things like that in a house of non-reading children. Finn did want to do an easter egg hunt in the backyard. I convinced him to think of something else but now I’m feeling like I should go and put that one back on. Because, really…why not? Maybe we could turn it into an easter egg/ water balloon hunt. Hmm, now to convince Finn to not throw the eggs at people.
  • We’ve flown kites, we’ve held bunnies (and have a bunny in our backyard – not as a pet but we pretend he is), we’ve played at the splash pad and we’ve had sno-cones with friends. It’s been a great start to summer and we’re looking forward to the rest of June and July.

Mark said he would help me with my technical difficulties, which is so sweet of him. It’s our 10 year anniversary this week and he’s still nice to me. What a guy. So, we’ll get to work on those and I’ll try to upload pictures to put with all the fun stuff I just caught you up on. For now though, the house is quiet so I’m going to go do some reading off of my own summer list.

We Made It There and Back

If you see my Facebook or Instagram, then you saw a lot more activity on there than here.

The kids and I survived a solo road trip to Colorado for a week. I almost didn’t go, because the thought of that many hours (it’s about 12 hours without stops the way I like to go) by myself had me breaking out in a cold sweat. Miles and miles of Kansas, just me and two young children.

But as with all things that are a bit of a challenge, I’m so glad I went ahead and did it. The kids were so good and I broke the trip up into two days so we could take the time and play if we saw a playground – which we did, at the coolest gas station in the middle of Kansas (playground plus Starbucks for the win).

We had a great week. There were graduation events, meetings with old friends, and lots of playing with cousins. So glad we’re home though. 9 days without daddy is too long.

I think he agrees…
(I found this on our family calendar in the hallway…guess he didn’t love us changing our return date.)

We’re unpacked and somewhat back into a routine even though we’re still trying to adjust to the small 1 hour time change. I took tons of pictures and will upload them soon. But for now, I’m going to relax and read my book that I only got 3 pages into on my “vacation”. Have to come home to be able to rest…ha.

[Oh, and Mark did NOT sell the house while we were gone. Shame on him. At least I came home to a clean house…]

Happy New Year and Happy Birthday

I was going to do this yesterday, but getting home last night after all day in the car, the only energy I could muster was to let the kids play with their toys they had missed from being gone the last week and a half and then set up one of my Christmas gifts from Mark: a heated mattress pad. Why have I slept without one for the last several years?! Most amazing thing ever. So you’ll see, I had my priorities all set out and the awesome coziness of my bed totally zapped any interest to blog.

We were with Mark’s brother for Christmas Eve and all the kids (except Finn) thought they were going to make it to midnight so they all got their pajamas on and got their blankets and then promptly fell asleep way before their goal. Mia went longer than I thought she would. Determined, that one…

The next day was our travel day, but we had made plans to meet Mark’s parents for brunch on the way back through where they live since it was his dad’s birthday.  We had already celebrated when everybody was together but it was fun to see them one more time before hitting the road.

Unfortunately, Mark had to go back to work today. There was no staff[child]care for me so I worked from home. The kids are still trying to get back into the routine of things so it’s good that we have a few days at home before hitting the ground running. Finn does keep asking if he’s going to school “tomono” (tomorrow) so I guess he’s ready. I think we discovered that he likes being home. After we’d been gone almost a week, he started asking if we were going home and saying that he was ready to go. I think it had more to do with all these gifts he had gotten and he wanted to bring them home and set them all up. They both got to do that today and had a great time rediscovering all the stuff they got over the time we were there.

Everything is unpacked and thanks to my mother-in-law letting me do laundry there, I didn’t have to do laundry today. Now the tricky part: finding a place for all the new stuff. The playroom needs some attention….. Oh, and I guess Christmas needs to be put away. Never one of my favorite things to come back home to after I feel like all the celebrating is done and over with.

I have more Texas trip pictures from the last couple of days, but here are some from the birthday celebration. We all had so much fun having a party for Grandpa!

Marcy found these great photo booth props and we knew the kids would have fun with them.

[Where was that POW one when I was doing Finn’s superhero birthday?!]

There were some blank ones to write a custom message. We thought this was the perfect thing to put on one of them…
Yep, it was a big birthday! So glad we were all together for it. (It’s been years since we’ve all been together so this was a fun treat. We know how rare it is so our gift as kids to the parents was to have professional photos taken. We just got proofs last night and I’m so glad we did it. So great to have pictures of everyone together).

While we got dinner ready, the kids watched a movie. They were all really nice and quiet (or so I thought).
As I looked at that picture, I noticed Mia is actually in.the.air. over that ottoman. Guess they weren’t all so still the whole time. Sorry we were bouncing on your furniture, Grandma and Grandpa!

Instead of cake, we made a donut tower. Finn totally approved, seeing as he had a donut tower for his birthday party too. There were a few more candles on Grandpa’s though…IMGP5817

All the grandkids.
Notice Finn prefers his prop to be a donut.

Happy Birthday, Grandpa! So glad we were there to celebrate with you. Love you!