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Last Day!

Here we are….last day of kindergarten!


Mia has grown so much this year. She had a wonderful time in kindergarten and although she’s excited about summer, she was sad to be done with school. She’s going to miss her teachers and friends!

1st grade, here she comes!

Back in the routine

It’s Friday of the first week back to school and while the alarm clock is still not my favorite part of this week (is it ever?), I’m happy that we are back in a routine and schedule. Mia was excited to go back to school and Finn….went back and liked it. Not sure he’ll ever be the one counting down the days of summer vacation 😉
It took him a few days of adjusting to Mia being gone so he did some prep work that she could see after school:



And Mia, the great sister that she was played the part well of acting excited and ooing and aahhing.
But honestly, I don’t think there’s much pretending. They really do love each other and want to be together as much as possible. This is what I found one morning when I went in to get Mia for school.


Sweet kids. Even if they do drive each other nuts sometimes.

Farewell 2014

I thought it would be nice to do a fun little recap of 2014 with lots of great pictures thrown in to give us a visual walk-through of the year. That’s not what you’re going to get though, because honestly most of my blogging these days happens from my phone and I just don’t have what it takes to do pictures and link backs to previous posts and more importantly, the kids are running around undressed after their shower and I should probably take care of that.
The truth is that it might be kind of hard to do a fun recap. 2014 kicked me up a bit. This was not an easy year for us and while I know that being able to write 2015 on stuff doesn’t mean everything will automatically be easy, it’s nice to tie a bow on this one and put it away. At this time last year, we had no idea the valleys we would walk through, the tears we – mostly I – would shed, or the amount of stress I would feel in sending a child to kindergarten. 
Yeah, I would not want to see this year again. But, I do see the good throughout this tough year. Just when all seemed lost or there was no time left, God made a way. A better one than we could ever had imagined. For every situation this year that made me cry out in the shower, I can show you where we stand today and prove that it’s a good thing there is One who knows me and knows best. It’s a show me a hopeless situation and I’ll show you an amazing end kind of story.
So yeah, 2014 is probably not going to ever be one of my favorite years. It will, however be a year that I remember as a time of growth and lessons and leaning into God.
2015, excited to see what you have.