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The Playroom

When we decided to do all the painting and floors we knew we were going to be shuffling furniture around a lot and we wanted to be smart about how we set rooms back up.

Right about that time, we were dealing with Mia suddenly being scared of being in a dark room (had to fall asleep with the light on and had a few bad dreams) and Finn was doing the whole jack-in-the-box routine since he was in a toddler bed.

Then, we went on our trip to Texas and the kids happened to be in the same room. We discovered that Mia wasn’t scared with Finn in the room and Finn did a better job of staying in bed (probably because he knew for sure she wasn’t having fun without him).

That got us to thinking…what if we had had them share a bedroom?  Now, 4 and 2 years old + mixed gender is not exactly the recipe for the perfect shared sibling room but many weeks into it and I wonder why didn’t we do this sooner? Mia isn’t scared and Finn very rarely does the popping out of bed routine for us. [He must have known I was going to blog about this tonight because he did it tonight, after nights of not doing it. Eh, not surprised anymore when my kids prove me wrong.]

So the shared room is going pretty well – although decorating that has proven to be trickier – but the real bonus was what we get from Finn moving out of his room and into Mia’s…a playroom! A playroom is as dreamy as it sounds. A place to put all the toys – how did we accumulate so much stuff? – and close the door if things get too messy. I have my living room back, I have my dining room back, and the kids’ room is so quiet and peaceful…a true bedroom. Again, why didn’t we do this sooner?

I took these pictures with my phone so they’re not great. And in full disclosure, the room very rarely looks like that. It is a playroom and often looks like a lot of fun is happening in there.


Mia had so much fun setting up the reading area in the corner, putting the books in the crate and getting the pillows just right.


I found these printables and love that they are playful but also help Mia with letters and numbers since we try to do a little bit of schoolwork in there while Finn naps.


Seriously…there’s no way any small people could ever be bored in this house.


Mia has really gotten into art lately. She loves to sit and draw, color, paint or “write” things. I set up a shelf in the corner with all her coloring books, school books, and art supplies. Her little table is on one side and the easel is there for easy access. Above the shelf is a mobile that we can easily hang all the stuff she works on and change them out often (a good thing since there are many in one day sometimes). It cuts down on the stuff on the fridge and she likes picking her favorites.

The kids still like to play in other areas of the house – sometimes you just have to get all the cars out and race them on the hardwood floor in the living room – but they play really well in there either together or sometimes just enjoying each other’s company but playing with different things.

Mia keeps asking when her friends can come play in the playroom. So, come on over…

Progress! The Living Room

This picture may not seem exciting, but to see empty tubs (and boxes in the garage) is good news.


It means all the stuff that used to be in them has now been reorganized or booted out. The smile fades just slightly when I see all the other ones that are still full. Sigh. Baby steps.

But yes! There’s progress! The living room is getting there. We still need to get a coffee table and a rug (eventually, since we’re letting the floors remain uncovered for a while so we don’t get a giant light spot), a clock, maybe some art, definitely some curtains and blah, blah, blah, nobody tells you that after spending all that money on paint and floors that you’re going to hate the things you have and want new ones. Couches? Someday.

Anyway, so yes, getting there, definitely not finished but we are really liking it so far.


The layout is about the same but it’s amazing how different it feels in there from before. We love the wood floors!

We’re slowly adding the rest that we need/want. I’ve changed a lot from the days when I wanted everything done right away just so that out could be finished, even if that meant I bought or used something I didn’t really love. Well, not anymore, I’m not getting curtains until I find something I really want (and can afford), even if I have to wait a few months.

I did find this today though and really liked the design and colors.


Maybe there will be a living room part 2 soon once we get the rest in.

Next: the playroom!

The Last Night

This is the last night of old carpet in the house.
The last night of potty training without really worrying about where you-know-who-goes-you-know-what. I thought since we were ripping up all the carpet anyway that we would take a leap and start working with Finn. We did ok but we are no where near leaving the house in underwear. Or trusting him on the new carpet. I know that the first accident on the new carpet will probably make me want to cry. Just like the first nick in the new paint did. Oh yes…that’s already happened.
So, here we are…all sleeping on mattresses on the floor with almost everything we own either boxed up or covered. I wanted to work on some cards tonight but all I could find were the scissors… the glue sticks are somewhere under there:


That’s our dining room. Our table is under there somewhere too, so you’re welcome to come over but before you can eat you have to put stuff away. I’ll gladly cook. I’ve moved most of that stuff under there several times so I’ll be happy when it goes back in and stays. Or, better yet, doesn’t go back in. Next project on the list is giving, tossing, selling. Oh, and following Finn around whenever he’s on the new carpet.