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Texas: Grandparents

We had such a great time with Mark’s parents. Mia had been talking about being at their house non-stop since she found out we were going and wanted to make sure that there would still be a tub of toys in the corner of the living room (it had been about a year since we had been at their house and she still remembered those toys!). Well, sure enough we got there and the toys were there, ready for the kids to play with. Such a fun welcome.

Grandma was so patient and pulled out so many fun things like painting, playdough and jewelry making. All the things that the kids are always begging to do, especially Mia.


IMG_0070  IMG_0071


Grandpa, on the other hand, shared all the fun the backyard had to offer. His garden and his riding lawnmower. So fun for the kids to see vegetables and fruit go from backyard to the table. Mia always talks about all the stuff Grandpa is growing. On the way down, she said I bet he’ll have corn and watermelon. He sure did!


And we all enjoyed helping them eat it. Especially little watermelon boy.

20130630_174832  IMG_0015

IMG_0062  IMG_0064


Of course, Grandma had some special treats too. I think Finn liked the cake.


There are some great little parks near their house: one with a playground and one with a great splash pad. We always enjoy getting to those.


Mia walked up to this thing, with Dad waiting to hear on the other end, and said: “I would like some chicken with french fries and chocolate milk.” Um, hmm, time to cut down on the Chick-fil-a drive-thru moments?

Fun at the splash pad! Such silly kids…

IMG_0056  IMG_0047

IMG_0053  IMG_0054

But mostly, it was just fun to sit back and relax, catching up on some Sunday comics and some tv.

20130630_195122  20130630_191759

And it’s always fun to get to say goodnight to Grandma and Grandpa and start the fun all over again the next day!

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