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From snow storms to peak tornado season. I like to keep things dramatic on here.

Actually, tornado season hasn’t been too bad so far. Most severe weather has gone north of us and the one time the sirens did go off we weren’t home – we were in another town that was not in the path at all so that worked out.

In between the snow and the severe weather, we had Spring Break and Easter. Easter Sunday was rainy and dreary but Saturday was a pretty day so we took advantage of that day and did our egg hunt and took some pictures at the church. They’re just getting so grown up.

This one cracks me up.
[That is so Finn…]

And I can just hear Mia belly laughing in this one.

She has grown up a lot this year – not just physcially, she’s kind of shot up, but just all around. She’s a sweet girl who loves and serves those around her well.


And this little guy…well, he just makes life an adventure. He’s fun and wild, but one of the most tender-hearted boys I know.

But don’t get me wrong…he still makes my heart skip several beats throughout the day.
IMGP6800-001  IMGP6804-001



We’re definitely blessed.

Spring Break Recap next time.