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First Day of Kindergarten!

Today was the big day!

We all got good sleep last night and woke up in time to have a good breakfast and make it to school on time. Yay! At least we nailed it the first day….only however many days of school left in the year to be rushing around.

I woke her up this morning with a “it’s your first day of school, sweetie…” and she broke into a huge smile.

I made a bigger breakfast this morning. Mia sees it and asks why we aren’t having cereal. Ha, of course she would…
kids at breakfast

Here we are on the way to school. I thought she just looked so cute in this one:
Car rider

Walking to class like a big girl!
family walk

walking in
Sorry it’s so blurry. Obviously we were on a mission.

A picture with the teacher…
Mia and teacher


A sweet hug from brother…

And she was off! All smiles!
there she goes

And then, just like that, it was time to pick her up!
car rider tag

I kept asking her all kinds of questions and I got some answers but finally she just said: “It was great…and that’s all I’ll say about it.” Well, ok then.

I wanted to try to keep them both awake (Finn also moved up at school today to a no-napper room) so they were both acting a bit snuggly…too snuggly. But a redbox movie kept them awake enough.


To celebrate a great first day, she got to pick where to go for dinner.
I’m sure everyone is surprised she picked Chick-Fil-A.

A dessert treat to end a big first day.
ice cream

She keeps saying she wants to go back, so I guess it really was a great day. Excited to continue to hear about all the fun she’ll have this year.

The Night Before Kindergarten…

Here we are…the night before Mia goes to kindergarten. I’m a mixed bag of emotions – happy, relieved, sad, excited, anxious, you name it…

If you have been following the blog (or lack thereof, so sorry) or my facebook/instagram, then you know that this summer has been nuts for us. The stress the unknowns of selling the house (or not – we’re renting it out), not knowing where we would live (in a great rental in a wonderful neigborhood), the almost psychotic worry on my part of not being able to register Mia for kindergarten or not knowing where to put her (a great school less than half a mile away with a sweet teacher) has all landed us here. On the night before kindergarten. Relieved. Thankful. And still digging in a few boxes for stuff.

Last week, we met Mia’s teacher and got her stuff all settled into her new room.





We had early bedtime tonight with some fun kindergarten books – one from us and one from her teacher (with confetti to put under her pillow that’s supposed to help her sleep [Mia said confetti can’t do that] which Finn was excited to be able to use as well and which Mark was so thankful to have).


kindergarten book


Tomorrow’s alarm clock is going to go off way too early for my taste (the official start of her day is 7:45…yikes) but I think we’re as ready we can be.

She’s ready….I mean look at that…

Mia_outside school


Going to miss having her spunky little personality around so much during the day. Just found this picture on my phone and it made me laugh…


Kindergarten, here comes Mia!

Praying it’s a good year for all of us (if you think of it, say a little extra prayer for Finn who is going to be a little lost without Mia), a year of growth, learning and great opportunities for us to impact our school and our community.

A big shopping trip…

So…this happened.

Mia pushing cart



Yeah…that would be kindergarten shopping that she’s all focused about. That backpack modeling? I have more just like that. She wanted a picture of each of her top choices so that she could see how it looked. I’ve had to hide it because she’s itching to use it already. These next 3 weeks just can’t go by fast enough for her, I think. 3 weeks from today. Time needs to slow down. We’re still sleeping in until 8:00 in the mornings. Got to get out of that mode real quick here….

She’s ready. Tonight she had a teensy bit of a meltdown about being worried about making friends. I told her that something that I have always been amazed and proud of her is that she can make friends so easily and that she always seeks out those who seem to not have a lot of friends. She said that it had been a while since she’s had to do that so now she’s worried she doesn’t remember. How easily she forgets about all the instant friends she makes in play areas. Just the other day she came to the table and said “I’m waiting for my new friend. She has to eat her food, so I’m going to wait for her so we can go back and play.” When I asked her what her name was, she replied “I think it’s Feather.” Feather? “Or Leather” Leather? Um, maybe it’s Heather. “Hmmm…I really think it’s Feather. (A little later she comes back and says “Yep, it’s Heather.”)  I assured her she would be great at finding friends and that it would be fun. Then she cried a bit more about missing the house. It was a very dramatic night, as you can tell.

But other than that, I think she’s excited. And just in the past few weeks she’s been making some really good, wise decisions and asking some solid questions. She’s making choices that make sense in the long run and not just for immediate gratification. She’s being really helpful and caring. She picked a nice backpack that none of us will get tired of quickly instead of the light up obnoxious one that she was almost drawn to (phew, so glad…she touched it but then said, um no…that wouldn’t be good….). She needs to stop or she’ll think she’s going to college in 3 weeks.

You know who probably isn’t ready for all of this?

This little guy.

Finn noodle 1

(I also have a ton more of those pictures on my phone).

He loves his sister and he is not going to be happy when he realizes he’s stuck with me most of the time. He’s growing up too: just today, he started saying her name right again. For the past couple of months she’s always been Mium. Today, she was Mi – A (apparently, we’ve been overemphasizing it a tiny bit in an effort to help him say it right).

We’ll both miss her and little brother will be waiting in the car line ready to show her his newest silly trick of the day, I’m sure.