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10 Years Ago

It’s been 10 years…

10 years later, I would still choose that place.

And I would still choose that guy…

Because he still makes me laugh.

And is still the one I want as my teammate as we navigate life together through good and bad.

We’ve seen these little ones grow to be teenagers.
Watching him be their uncle gave me a glimpse into what kind of a dad he would be one day.
And what a great dad he is to our two who are now about the same ages as those kids. Glad he’s with me as we prepare for and watch them grow to be teenagers….

It’s been 10 years since I waited outside that chapel to make the biggest decision of my life.

And I have no doubt that I made the right decision.


Happy 10 years, Mark.

Looking forward to seeing where the next 10 take us…

You know you’re getting old when…

… you spend Friday night doing taxes…
    …. and realize you actually owe taxes this year…
          (that will make you miss the good ol’ days – of refunds – more than anything.)

… an 11 year old isn’t convinced when you say you couldn’t be her grandma and looks at you half expecting you/challenging you to do the math…
     …. you start wondering about it yourself but realize you’re right and give a youthful sigh of relief…

… you go shopping because one of the main things on your list is floss and you just can’t wait any longer…
    … then you’re tempted to drive multiple places because for some of reason, your small town supercenter is almost completely out and you have to buy the kind you know you don’t like…
And this is how you know you’re married to your best friend…
       …. when you’re cleaning out your purse and he’s cleaning out his car and all of a sudden you’re walking towards each other with your hands behind your back saying I have a surprise for you! You both show the free little floss sample from your last cleaning the weeks before and you knew it would be the one thing the other person would want to see.

I may be getting older, but so glad I’m not doing it alone and I get to share it all with somebody who is willing to figure out our tax payment and go dig in places for the good kind of floss. And hey, I’m not a grandma either! That’s enough to bring a smile.

Big Night

Mia has been talking about tonight for weeks. Daddy/Daugther Dance and the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics.

Our town hosts a daddy/daughter dance every year in February and if you’re in our area, your facebook feed was probably full of little girls all fancied up with their daddies. [Here’s a look back at Mark and Mia in 2013 and 2012]

At dinner, I told Mia to hurry up and eat because she didn’t want to be late for her date. She said…”a date? It’s not a date.  I’m not marrying him.” It made me giggle until I realized that I could totally use this little thought of hers to our advantage. But Dad was way ahead of me on that one and was saying things like “you’re right…no dating if you don’t want to marry!” Hahaha…the teenage years are going to be so fun. I did tell Mark that we’re paying somebody to get her ready for prom. The wardrobe and hair requests at 5 better not be an indication of what’s to come.

This girl loves her daddy…

This one’s blurry but it’s just so her. She poses like this all the time.

Best picture of the night. Guess who’s excited about staying home with Mom?

I think I made things a little bit better for him when we did these for our little Olympic opening ceremonies “watch party”.
He’s now an olympic fan because of all the hard crashes on snow and ice and because the olympic rings remind him of doughnut.

While we were getting sugared up, Mia was having a great time with her friends.