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What NOT to do on your commute…

So, how was your day? Do anything exciting?

I managed to do this…


Oh yes, that’s our car. Yes, that’s not only one, but two flat tires. Guys, that takes skills. Ugh.

First of all, let me just say we are all safe and were not hurt at all. That’s for our moms who are probably trying to jump start their hearts back up again.

I have lived in this area for 15 years. I can’t tell you how many times I have driven that stretch and in the past year I have done it twice a week. I [should] know that road. Clearly I hadn’t been properly introduced to the curb yet.  I can now tell you that we have met, in passing since I was zipping along at 50 mph, and that curb is not so friendly. Seriously, stay away from it.

There’s a section of my commute that while it is 4 lane, does not have a shoulder. Usually no big deal. If it rains a lot I know not to get in that lane because it gets really bad standing water and if there’s no traffic, it can get annoying because people turn in to businesses a lot. Today: no rain, no traffic so I’m driving along when I manage to veer just a teensy bit over (you will be happy to know I was not texting – in fact, I later realized I had no idea where my phone was, which would prove to be slightly nerve-wracking). I was probably talking to the kids, may have looked in the rear view mirror, not really sure, all typical commute stuff for us. Anyway, all along this stretch there are slight dips with rain gutters, I think I probably managed to go down into one of those and catch the edge of the curb around that gutter. With both tires. I told you, skills.

Fortunately, I didn’t spin around or go into the other lane or jump the curb or anything, I just slowed down and coasted into a gas station that was right there. By then I was pretty much on the rims and the dashboard was saying my tires had low pressure. Huh…really? Because the car tilting to the side wasn’t enough of a clue. (It’s funny now, but wasn’t at all at the time). I put it into park and went to call Mark and couldn’t find my phone. Of course. I’m debating whether to even see if pay phones still exist around here when I saw a nice Coke delivery guy who was getting gas and I asked if I could use his phone. Called Mark – not really a phone call that’s fun to make – “hi, honey…I blew two tires.” The delivery guy came up to the car and said that he would help me but with two of them down there wasn’t much I could do. Yeah, I managed to really do it right. In the time that I was waiting for Mark, this couple stopped and made sure somebody was coming to help me. I think when the number of torn up tires is equivalent to the number of small children you have with you it makes people really want to help. Living in the South can be great sometimes.

By the time Mark made it to us, he had called a tow truck and made an appointment at the tire place back in town. I was way impressed. He took care of everything for me and the car is now sitting back at the house. With two shiny new tires. Happy Birthday to me!

I am so thankful it wasn’t worse. Clearly God was taking care of us in that situation. Nothing was bent, there was no other damage, and the kids were really not hurt or even traumatized. In fact, they were both rubbing my back and comforting me because I was upset about the whole thing. Mia was only sad when I told her that we couldn’t go on to school – not only did I manage to rip up the car, I was struggling with not being able to get her to her new friends she was so excited about or Finn into his class to keep him on a roll with doing so well. Mom guilt. Have that with your coffee in the morning.

I was telling Mia that this is why Mommy has to make sure she pays attention and drives safely because things like this happen if not. I told her that it was my fault she wasn’t getting to go to school and I was sorry. She said “Mom, it’s not your fault, I think it’s really my fault because I was asking so many questions and needing so much.” Oh, dear. Not the kind of burden I want my 4 year old to be dealing with. You don’t realize how much they are taking in…I quickly and repeatedly reassured her that it was not her fault, but hey…maybe when she starts driving I can show her this picture and say “Remember this? No messing around in the car. No texting. No fiddling with stuff. No getting close to rain gutters.”

Hope your day wasn’t as exciting as mine.