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Simple Arithmetic

You tired of me talking about snow? You are?

Well I’m tired of looking out the window and seeing it.

Don’t get me wrong. I like snow. I like seeing the kids have fun in the snow. But there comes a time when fun snow activities come to an end. There’s only so much hot chocolate, and fort building, and fun pinterest experiments one can handle. Or me, just me, I guess.

Because on top of everything else, it’s just so cold. I mean, wind chill temps in the -teens? No, thank you. So did we go out in it?

CAM00303 CAM00304

You bet we did. Because we’re crazy like that. They look thrilled, but don’t let their lack of enthusiasm for the photo fool you. Also, I thought they looked pretty funny in their get-ups but the joke is on me…they were out there for longer than I could last and it took some convincing to get them in. “Sprinkles” (Finn-speak for marshmallows) may or may not have been involved in that negotiation.

Mia cleaned Dad’s car off.

Finn helped shovel the sidewalk.

And then he did this forever.

But today?

TODAY WE GOT OUT! Ahhh, yes…

But it couldn’t just be an easy outing.

First there was this to conquer:

+ this to get through:

But all that = to me enjoying this:

The kids actually did better at the dentist this time. Mia prayed last night that she would be brave at the dentist. She was very excited and couldn’t wait, but was scared she would not do great like one time before (a year ago). She was a trooper. Even though that picture is bad and looks like she’s hating it. I just didn’t have lots of picture taking opportunities. What it does show is how long she is. Sheesh…she’s growing like a weed.

Finn did better. Not awesome. But better. We at least got his teeth cleaned this time which is an improvement over last time. He did love watching Toy Story on the ceiling, though. CAM00318

As did Woody. How come he gets the chair?

And I just love this:


His control wasn’t doing anything. The kid to his right was actually playing, but does Finn care? Nope. Ha.

We learned lots at the dentist today: Mia has another loose tooth, some of her 6 year molars are in, and she gets to see the orthodontist in 6 months. Here we go…we knew it was coming, but it just seems so crazy that it’s already here. Hopefully getting her in early will mean easier process….she’s going to need quite a lot done to correct her bite. She came home one day asking for braces. She’ll get her wish but probably won’t want them as much by then. Let’s just hope we don’t literally have a million dollar smile coming from that girl. Guess I better get all the fancy coffee I can get now before those bills start coming in.

An Unexpected Adventure

Kids’ version of the story:
We got to spend the night at a hotel and had breakfast there and got to swim in the pool! This is so great!

Kids swimming at hotel

Our version of the story:
We did spend the night at a hotel and had breakfast and swam in the pool with water that was way too cold. But not because we were on vacation or wanted to be really cool parents… Here’s the long story: Mark had something on his neck that just was not healing and was causing him some discomfort. He had some other symptoms that seemed unrelated but that now, looking back, make us want to smack our heads. He thought it had started Wednesday or Thursday so on Saturday, instead of waiting two more days to go to our family doctor, he went to the walk-in clinic. That was probably a smart move. He calls me and says, “Don’t freak out…” [thanks for that, now I really am going to]. “It’s a brown recluse bite…” [yep, pretty much buying my ticket for panictown]

So, while to the kids it was a fun night at a hotel, for us it meant covering everything, fogging the house, staying away for a while and then trying to get everything back.

Kids are great and have no clue anything is really going on. I’m a little unnerved, hoping that didn’t happen while he was sleeping since that means I was really close to it (he felt something at work so it might have happened there). Most importantly, Mark seems to be doing better. He’s on some pretty intense antibiotics and the weird headache, nausea, muscle pain is gone with just a few symptoms hanging on. It’s not great that it was on his neck but at least he got help before it was too too bad.

Next time we stay at a hotel it better not be because of 8 “reasons” chasing us to it.


Well, we survived the dentist.

Mia did great. Finn…well, … not so much. I had to pin him down so he could get his teeth cleaned. Not even Lightning McQueen on the ceiling was going to make him want to be on his back. I just kept hearing people say “he’s so strong!” Why, yes…yes he is. Never knew I could get so worn out from a dentist visit.

Now, if we could just capture all the excitement and enthusiasm that Finn has for the lobby and move it to the dentist chair…. It is such a cool place.





We managed to get all teeth cleaned and checked by the dentist. Everything was great and no cavities in either mouth. So while I love their dentist, I’m very glad we don’t have to go back there for 6 months.

As incentive/reward we got to eat lunch and play with Charlotte. Nothing better than friends and food!


One more thing checked off this week’s list…feels good, even if it did make me break out into a sweat.