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Mark’s Birthday

Today was Mark’s birthday and I don’t know about him, but I had a great day! I think he had fun. Pretty sure you can’t go wrong with taking a day off from work, having some time to yourself while the rest of the family is at work/school and eating, eating and eating.

Mia helped me wrap his gifts. I think it’s pretty safe to say that we’ve discovered one of her love languages.


For dinner, we decided to go to a Japanese hibachi grill (or teppanyaki) where the chef cooks the food in front of you and does all kinds of fancy stuff with sharp objects and fire. Mia had heard us talking about it and had been asking to go so this seemed like a perfect way to celebrate since Mark really likes Japanese food.

Finn really, really wanted to stay near the fish tanks to watch all the fish but I finally got him to go back to the table when I asked him if he wanted to see the guy do fire. Giant flames and seeing a guy tossing food trying to get it in people’s mouths…you can just imagine how much fun that is for a little boy. (“Don’t try this at home, kids” is definitely an appropriate conversation)


Watching the egg tricks. He threw his egg up into his hat and Finn was so confused for a bit. Our chef was so good with the kids and really got them involved.


The kids have asked for chopsticks a few times at home, so they got really excited when they got a set tonight. Finn had a great time eating his goldfish crackers with the chopsticks. Both kids are really good at it and bonus for us, it makes things more exciting (and last longer!).

When we were getting in the car, I asked Mia if she liked dinner. She said, “Yeah, but why was it so short?” Guess time really does fly when you’re having fun.

After dinner we went for frozen yogurt.


Obviously, everybody was really focused on their own bowl of frozen yogurt…

Fun times. Happy Birthday, Mark!

Finn + His Soup

There are things you never imagine that you would say. Then, you have kids and you hear yourself say “don’t lick that!” and “why did you put that in the toilet?” Today, I added another phrase to the “this is such an unusual thing to say” list.

I walked Finn into class and told his teachers, “sorry about his soup cans.”



Since Mark is gone, I decided that I wasn’t really going to cook – he appreciates my cooking more than they do – so I got things that I thought would be easy for me and fun for the kids. I bought Toy Story chicken noodle soup and Cars spaghetti-os and once Finn found them in the pantry it was all over. He was keeping those cans with him, all the way to school and then would not leave them in the car. So off he went into class. With two cans. When there wasn’t a food drive.

Guess it’s better than having to talk about licking and toilets.


I went grocery shopping today, which is not super high on my list of favorite household management things I do. I enjoy cooking but battling crowds and wrangling kids while I’m shopping make that part of cooking prep no fun. This trip was on a Tuesday evening though so it was calm, which made it bearable. I also didn’t have any children with me, which made it efficient.

I would say we try to eat fairly healthy. And we try hard not to waste food, although we still have a long way to go on that…. I always plan out meals – trying to make a lot from scratch – and there’s plenty of fresh stuff in the cart but I’m not going to lie…the cart tonight had tortilla chips and Biscoff cookies.

In the past week, I’ve seen two different things that relate to a week’s worth of groceries, so as I shopped tonight I couldn’t help but keep processing what I had read and seen. The two articles were: the average that a family spends on a week’s worth of groceries and then this, photos of families standing with their groceries for the week.

Take a look at it. It is fascinating. And convicting. The next time you go shopping you may still pick up tortilla chips and cookies (or whatever “extra” items you put in your cart) but I bet, and hope, your perspective will be just a little bit different.