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One hundred days of kindergarten.
Seems just like yesterday that we were saying goodbye to her on the first day and now here we are, 100 days in.




A combination of stuff we already had, plus a pair of new fake glasses and chalk in her hair, and of course some sassy poses… Little 100 year old lady.

She has learned so much though… They do a lot of work with those kindergarten kids in that amount of time.

So, since it was the 100th day AND a Friday AND national pie day, it just seemed wrong to just let it pass without adequate celebrating. We just had to have pie. Pioneer Woman’s chocolate peanut butter pie.


Mia loves watching Pioneer Woman and always wants to try her recipes. So, we watched and followed the steps.


Finn did a great job taste testing everything.


All done!

It was delicious, and as you can tell from what happened to Finn, very rich.




Sugar rush!

100 days ago, what’s happening in this next picture wouldn’t have been possible….well, not without a lot of making things up along the way.


Definitely worth pie!

Celebrating Mia

Well, I was going to post about Mia’s AWANA ceremony and preschool graduation but I can’t find the camera cord so I can’t get the pictures off the camera. Reason #492 why having your house on the market makes you go crazy. We moved the desk out of our bedroom and into the playroom and slimmed down on all the stuff we had out. Apparently the camera cord was tucked somewhere safe. Really safe.

So, the phone pictures will have to do for now.

After AWANA awards, they had a carnival. Kids loved it. I mean, why wouldn’t they when there was sugar everywhere?

He sat there and cheered his sister on the trike.

Mia’s preschool graduation was sweet. She sang a few songs with her class and got to go up on stage to get her diploma.

She was very specific about what she wanted to wear and how she wanted her hair. Starts young…

CAM00936  10306635_666838554601_8895172712481733250_n


I love this one of Mia and Mark as he was saying bye to her.
CAM00949She may be headed to kindergarten, but she’s still Daddy’s little girl.

Snowed in again: remembering Finn’s birthday

We woke up to snow on the ground. Again. Good news: it’s not as much as we got the time we were snowed in for a week. Bad news: it doesn’t take much to paralyze our area. There’s just not the capacity to clear roads quickly. Main roads will get done but everything else just stays full of snow/ice. It’s probably not that bad out there but we’re calling it a pajama day.

I was going to post about Finn’s birthday party anyway and it’s appropriate that as I look out the window I get flashbacks of that crazy week.

We planned a superhero party for Finn. I didn’t want to do specific heroes but went with a more generic comic book/superhero look with red/blue/yellow color scheme.

The original plan was to go to an indoor gym place at the mall, have the kids run around on trampolines, foam gymnastics equipment and fall into the giant foam pit for an hour and then go to the food court and eat donuts. Again, a party not at my house, super easy, no cleaning for me, and no need for decorations or entertainment. Perfect plan.

And then we got a winter storm.

The party was scheduled for Saturday. Round 1 of weather was supposed to come in Thursday, Round 2 on Friday and then Round 3 on Sunday. Saturday was looking ok but the temperature was not expected to go up enough to melt what had come in rounds 1 and 2. We kept our options open and were still planning on going to the mall, even though it was about a 40 minute drive away. On Friday early afternoon, we could see that there was no way that we were all going to make it over there so we moved the party to our house. [I was determined to go ahead and just do it and get it over with since things get really crazy leading into Christmas].

So, our perfect easy party planning at a venue had just turned into a party at our house. I didn’t have any decorations or games planned, was snowed in, and had less than 24 hours to figure something out. Oh, and go ahead and clean the house for guests when it has been very “lived in”. Great.

In the end, Mark and I really had a fun time pulling this one off. I don’t think we would choose to do it again this way, but the challenge of doing everything using only things we already had in the house was great. Turns out, you can pull off a party with a collection of random things….

I wasn’t sure if many people would be able to come. In the end we had 17 children and 20 adults! [Did I mention that it was at our house?]

With that many kids we knew we needed to keep them entertained. Besides, we also knew everybody probably had a case of cabin fever by then and would be ready to do something different. So, we planned several different activities and then had the playroom open. I think everyone had a good time. People played and ate and talked and stayed for a long time. It was a good break in the midst of all our snowed-in craziness!

Welcome to the superhero party!




First thing kids had to do as they arrived was go through the web to get their cape. IMGP5515




When I was making the web, Mark said “they are just kids…” but I knew that they could just go underneath the whole thing if they needed to.
Didn’t take any prompting from adults for them to figure that out.

Once they had their cape, they could go and decorate their mask with stickers.



I thought the capes turned out great (I bought the capes and then did the letters) and the kids did a great job with the masks. I’m thinking they liked them…

The silly birthday boy:

Finn’s cape had an added lightning bolt.





Our capes and masks are loved so much they still get used. Mia loves to pose in them. Silly girl…


After getting their capes and masks, they could test their strength, rebuild the city, play in a miniature city, rescue the animals in the tunnel, or destroy the playroom. Oh, wait, I mean…have fun in the playroom. The playroom was a crazy mess by the end, but I’m SO glad we have that room because it allowed for the kids to have their own space to play.




Then, it was time to eat and blow out candles on the donut tower! Finn loves donuts so instead of cake, we did donuts. Mark ventured out before the party and went to the donut shop where we had ordered donuts and found that they were closed because of the weather. Fortunately, it’s right next to a grocery store so Mark went in there and bought all they had! (We still have donuts in the freezer…come by and I’ll warm one up for you!)
The food table: POP-corn, donut tower, applesauce pouches, raisin boxes, strength balls and rings (cheese balls and pretzel rings). NOT in the picture, because I’m a dingbat…the comic book cityscape that Mark drew on the tablecloth. The front of it had a row of buildings. It looked so cool….and I didn’t get a picture of it… 🙁


And of course we had to have super pops…


Cold drinks:
The yellow comic book strip is washi tape. I found it at an office supply store totally in passing and knew I could use it. Just like the duct tape for Mia’s party, this was an easy way to add color and the theme throughout but so much easier to use than duct tape. If you haven’t used washi tape, do…you’ll love it!

And hot drinks:

Mark drew comic book style buildings on the cups:

A rare family photo.
Not as rare: Finn’s enthusiasm for sugar.

He stayed here for a loooong time. Just within reach of the donuts…

At the end of the party, the kids got a little braver with the web and actually tried to try different ways of going through it.


Thanks for coming friends!


You are all superheroes to us for braving the weather!IMGP5649