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For what seems like the first time this winter, the title of the post does not indicate the weather status in our neck of the woods. This time, we get to enjoy all the snow and ice on the tv. I find I enjoy it much more that way…

Unless you’ve been snowed in all winter, you’ve heard of Frozen and probably have all the songs running in an endless loop in your brain. Those tunes are catchy. And really, you need to hear Finn sing Let it Go as he belts it out at the top of his lungs. It’s cute. Even when you think you just couldn’t possibly hear that song again today.

We were thinking about going on a date on Friday night but Mia had just gotten the movie and wanted to watch it at night as a family “with each person having their own popcorn bucket” She was the only one who had seen it since Judy had taken her as a Christmas gift, so we actually thought that plan sounded like a lot of fun. The kids were so excited all day. Finn, who has only seen clips on youtube, kept asking for Frozen over and over again. I was almost willing to hear the song again if it meant a change in him asking when we were going to watch it.

Halfway through the movie, Mia surprised us all with drawings that she had worked on during the day.


Mark got Kristoff, Finn got Olaf, I got Elsa and Mia drew Anna for herself.


You can tell that Finn thought his was pretty cool. He was so cute thanking her for his picture. He does really love that Olaf.

It was such a fun evening, and while I do love going on dates with Mark, it was great to stay home with the kids and just relax, laugh, sing and dance. Good idea, Mia. Good family date night|


Big Night

Mia has been talking about tonight for weeks. Daddy/Daugther Dance and the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics.

Our town hosts a daddy/daughter dance every year in February and if you’re in our area, your facebook feed was probably full of little girls all fancied up with their daddies. [Here’s a look back at Mark and Mia in 2013 and 2012]

At dinner, I told Mia to hurry up and eat because she didn’t want to be late for her date. She said…”a date? It’s not a date.  I’m not marrying him.” It made me giggle until I realized that I could totally use this little thought of hers to our advantage. But Dad was way ahead of me on that one and was saying things like “you’re right…no dating if you don’t want to marry!” Hahaha…the teenage years are going to be so fun. I did tell Mark that we’re paying somebody to get her ready for prom. The wardrobe and hair requests at 5 better not be an indication of what’s to come.

This girl loves her daddy…

This one’s blurry but it’s just so her. She poses like this all the time.

Best picture of the night. Guess who’s excited about staying home with Mom?

I think I made things a little bit better for him when we did these for our little Olympic opening ceremonies “watch party”.
He’s now an olympic fan because of all the hard crashes on snow and ice and because the olympic rings remind him of doughnut.

While we were getting sugared up, Mia was having a great time with her friends.

Full Weekend

We had a very fun, busy weekend. Friday night, we dropped the kids off at our friends’ house with a sitter and went out with them and two other couples for dinner and a movie. We had such a great time. Originally, we were just going to go out on a date night but then through a sequence of events, we ended up going as a group. It has been so long since we’ve gone out with friends and as much as we like time away by ourselves, it’s so good to go as a group. We talked, laughed, and (I) cried during the movie. A full evening of emotions. And a really late night for the kids who were still awake when we got back after the movie.
Saturday, we had two parties and then church (where we packed operation christmas child shoe boxes in classes). So, on top of all the fun party stuff, I had to get the shoe box project ready and done so they could go out on the truck. Dinner after church made for late night #2 in a row for the kids.
Fortunately, the calendar for today was completely empty so we were able to stay home, get caught up on some stuff, do some puzzles as a family and then enjoy the unusually warm weather for November.
I like doing things and everything we did this weekend was so fun, but having a day that required nothing of us was really, really good. Of course, it didn’t hurt that we got a warm sunny day thrown at us…
This should be a quieter week which will be nice. It’s the calm before the storm for us as we go into Thanksgiving – Finn’s birthday – Christmas and all its festivities mode. I’m going to enjoy every bit of this week (and maybe be smart and get a jump start on some stuff. Ha.)