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Tooth #2

We found out at Mia’s dentist appointment at the beginning of January that she had another loose tooth. Sure enough, it was wiggly and has just been getting progressively worse over the past month.

This morning at breakfast:
Mia – Um, Mom…I think my tooth is sideways.
Me – Oooh, yes…yes it is. (inside voice saying “gross”)
Finn – Mia, let me see! Oh, Mia. It’s ok. You going to be fine. You get a bandaid. You be fine.
[love that boy and his recent conversations]

Dropping off at school, I told her teachers that the tooth was incredibly loose and they could call me if she was feeling freaked out. (About a week and a half ago, she suddently realized it was really, really loose and got a little anxious. Even though this isn’t her first one.) At pick up, she walks up to me and flashes a big smile. Tooth was out! And apparently with zero drama. It was probably good that it happened at school.

Mia opened her mouth to show Finn, he grabs her cheeks, gets really close to look and says “Oh, Mia. It’s broken!” Hahaha…seriously, I laugh so loud at these two.

Bless her sweet teachers, they put the tooth in a ziploc bag for us. I couldn’t find it at first and my mom heart was starting to tighten but Mia was being brave about not having it. So glad I found it in her backpack.

So now, we wait for the tooth fairy’s second visit…



“Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off”

No, not the snow, although if I could I would. No school again tomorrow and with another round coming on Thursday it’s looking like a long few days ahead. Fortunately, gymnastics rarely closes so we braved the roads and got out for Mia’s class. They really weren’t bad, the sun had done a lot of melting. She was one of three girls in the class and we were all able to get out and look at some other people’s faces for a bit. I imagine it’s all refreezing again.

No, this post is a recap of an actual dinner conversation with 3 year old Finn.

I want a potato.
A potato?
Yes, a blue potato (recently, he’s been calling things that are red blue and things that are blue red. Which makes conversations that much more exciting).
You mean red?…Oh, a tomato?
Yes, a potato. (Just recently, tomatoes were “natoes” so the potato thing was throwing me off).
Finn, it’s a tomato.
Um, never mind…here’s your tomato.

He really was trying. He wasn’t trying to be funny, he just genuinely thought we were saying potato. I would be worried, except I’m not because a) he’s 3, b) he says these sounds just fine in other situations – he can say “tomono” [as in, what are we doing tomorrow?] really well, trust me, and c) at least he’s eating tomatoes. Please don’t try to scare me into going to a speech therapist. I wouldn’t even be able to make it there if I wanted to. 😉 Besides, Mia used to call tomatoes “tornadoes” so this tomato nickname thing is clearly something Stoner children are good at. We’re calling the whole thing off.

New year, old problems

It seems like December’s woes followed us into January. No school again today but you already knew I was going to say that, didn’t you. Let’s give you something you didn’t know.

I got nothing. Ha, just kidding. I do need to wrap up our Christmas travel stuff. There’s some fun pictures of the road trip portion of it. Smiling children, who knew? But that would require me going through pictures and with it being dinner time I probably shouldn’t risk it. One thing I know, we’ve got to be able to get out of the house just so I don’t have to buy so many groceries.

For now, I’ll leave you with wisdom from Finn:

[I really should start a regular series of Conversations with Mia and Finn because you would not believe the stuff these kids come up with].

We’re in the car on the way to school yesterday and we’re playing “I Spy” as we often do. Usually it’s just Mia playing and I’m trying to make her find shapes and letters instead of just colors so we can up the challenge a bit. All of a sudden you hear Finn say “MY TURN!” Ok, buddy…go for it. “I spy a triangle!” He usually does colors so this was good! I thought I would play along (because I couldn’t see one at that moment) and said “Triangle! Where aaaaarrreeee yoooouu?” Without skipping a beat, Finn says in a serious tone “It can’t hear you”. Smarty pants. Beware of “I Spy” in our car. It’s intense and serious business…