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I want to dress up like a blur

Or a tornado. The break neck speed I’m on this week has made my house look like a tornado has blown through it so either would be appropriate.

But instead, I’m going to be Waldo from Where’s Waldo?, which is tempting me to hide among the masses and make people hunt for me.

I loved those books growing up, although because they were the UK version we were looking for Wally, not Waldo. Anytime my dad would go on a business trip, he would bring one of the books home with him. I had a great collection. Kind of wish I still had it. The kids would love those books.

We’re jamming a lot of fun into this week: church fall festival, community group halloween party, costume making for those two events, a dentist appointment (that’s not fun), a playdate, a super, really, long translation (also debatable whether that qualifies as fun) and a baby shower for a friend at our house – in addition to our regular scheduled programming.

Told you I should be a blur. You probably don’t want to come over to the wreck of the house, but if you do, I’ll be the one in red and white stripes. Good luck finding me!

It’s all great until somebody has to take a bath

Face painting.

That booth at every great kid event that is bound to be at least a 30 minute wait in 95+ degrees. The activity that makes that wait seem worth it, even if all you get is a few squiggles near your eyes. Because they’re not just squiggles, your face has been transformed into a beautiful butterfly. When the girl sees that butterfly? The look on her face makes the wait worth it. Besides, it’s a one on one opportunity with a captive audience. Perfect for conversations. Maybe when she’s a teenager we’ll have to find the face painting line equivalent….

So that was where I found myself yesterday evening during church camp’s closing event. But this time she chose well, no small squiggles in the corners of her eyes. That wait in line was definitely worth it for Hello Kitty.


Probably best face painting design we’ve ever gotten.

But the best design also means the worst experience convincing her that she has to wipe it off before bed. And telling a 4 year old that she has a picture of it and she can look at it and remember is NOT the same. Just in case you were wondering. Because “I don’t want to look at it in a picture, I want to feel it and have it on my face!!!” Crying, sobbing, paint running drama…. Was that wait still worth it when you’re hearing all of that sadness and you’re having to pin her down to wipe it off? Absolutely. The look on her face and the way she ran to her dad to show him tells me it is.

So the next time there’s face painting, you’ll probably find us waiting in line. It will probably be hot and in direct sun and there will most definitely be tears when it’s time to wipe it off. But there will be moments of opportunity to spend time connecting in that line and there will be gasps and squeals and laughter at the reveal.

It will be worth it. Even if it is just a few squiggles around the eyes. But here’s hoping for another Hello Kitty…

Outdoor Church

A couple of weeks ago, our church did an outdoor baptism service and picnic. It was warm, as you’ll see in Finn’s rosy face, but it was a sweet time of fellowship with our church family.

Finn and his little friend, Joel. These two are hilarious and it’s been fun watching them grow up together.



Not sure Joel is too sure about this…and poor Finn is slathered in sunscreen and sweating up a storm.


Mia and Jane playing air guitar.


After church, we had hot dogs. Finn had cookies.

IMG_0314 IMG_0316

He just settled right in and enjoyed those chocolate chip treats.

There were inflatables set up. One of them had water. Mia loved it and went several times. Finn, got halfway down, jumped up and started saying “cold, cold, cold!” Uh yeah, your sister is crazy, kid…

IMG_0320 IMG_0321

It was the perfect way to kick summer off. Of course, today it was so hot that I was actually dreading what July and August will be like. Funny how the excitement for warm weather can quickly fizzle – or sizzle – really quickly around here.

I’m thinking we’ll just have to do a lot more “cold, cold, cold” water activities.