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Celebrating Mia

Well, I was going to post about Mia’s AWANA ceremony and preschool graduation but I can’t find the camera cord so I can’t get the pictures off the camera. Reason #492 why having your house on the market makes you go crazy. We moved the desk out of our bedroom and into the playroom and slimmed down on all the stuff we had out. Apparently the camera cord was tucked somewhere safe. Really safe.

So, the phone pictures will have to do for now.

After AWANA awards, they had a carnival. Kids loved it. I mean, why wouldn’t they when there was sugar everywhere?

He sat there and cheered his sister on the trike.

Mia’s preschool graduation was sweet. She sang a few songs with her class and got to go up on stage to get her diploma.

She was very specific about what she wanted to wear and how she wanted her hair. Starts young…

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I love this one of Mia and Mark as he was saying bye to her.
CAM00949She may be headed to kindergarten, but she’s still Daddy’s little girl.

AWANA Awards

AWANA is over for the year and Mia got her awards for completing her book. 30 verses. Pretty impressive for a 4 year old…


We’re so proud of her for working so hard every week to learn her verses.



The two Cubbies. Good work, girls!

After the ceremony, there was a carnival. Mia did the cakewalk and after several rounds, when the music stopped she was standing on number 3. The lady calling out the numbers said “oh, I pulled 3” and Mia jumped up, thrilled her number was called. What the lady meant was that she had pulled 3 papers instead of 2 (they were trying to move the game along). I explained to Mia across the room but the lady was so nice when she realized that it had been confusing so she let her win anyway. Then the hard part started. She looked at the desserts forever and ever and I kept trying to help her. Poor thing, she looked at me and said “I just can’t, they all look so delicious.” She ended up picking something because she could share it with Finn. Finn does the same thing: whenever he gets a snack, he sticks his other hand out and says, “Mia?” If there’s anything those two are good at, it’s making sure they always get enough food for the other one. It’s pretty funny.

So now AWANA is done for the year. Their teacher said that she has requested both Mia and Jane to be in her small group again next year. We love her. It’s going to be another great Cubbies Year Round 2!