The arrival of Spring on the calendar actually matches what’s happening outside. The sun was out and it was pleasant enough to be outside. We’ve had quite a few of those days this week (and even though it did snow on Sunday – again – none of it stuck so I have no hard feelings about that winter storm…)

Last weekend we had cousins come to visit. The kids were so excited! We did lots of fun stuff but I only got pictures of our first afternoon together…at the safari.

Surprisingly, near our small town is an even smaller town that happens to have a safari. We hadn’t been in years. We had taken Mia a couple of years ago but she doesn’t really remember it and Finn had never been. They had a great time. They each got to buy a small monkey at the gift store and Finn has carried that thing around all week. He was telling people he got it at the forest, which was so cute but I think he’s finally corrected it to safari. Sad when they fix their fun sayings.

There’s a drive-thru part and we were all able to get into our Pilot. More fun when we can go through it together!


I love Finn’s smile in this one. He loved the lions and the monkeys.

That emu got very close to the car. Lots of squealing in the car, as you can imagine.

That poor peacock. Finn almost caught it.

Told you the monkeys were some of his favorite. He really was as close as it looks.

Guess who else was close?

Yep, nice and close. Mia was a mixture of excitement and fear but I was proud of her for not just taking off.

Then we got to get close to the giraffes too. So amazing. And gross. But amazing.

Mia feeding the giraffe some lettuce.

Then it was Mark’s turn. I think he was pretty grossed out. (Finn fed the giraffe too but I was holding him so no pictures of that).

And then, the funniest part of the whole day. Mia wanted to take a picture with the giraffes…

I think you’ll see where this is going…(Poor Mia didn’t on the other hand)…


A split second later, that giraffe’s tongue was all over that tasty little headband of hers. Lots of squealing, running and screaming. So hilarious. Mia took it all in stride and hey, she has a great story to tell.

Mia is into posing these days. This is all her:


And Finn is actually getting into pictures too.
Such a cute smiler.

As you can tell from the big smiles, it was a fun day at the safari. Giraffe spit in the hair and all.