Snow Day # nobody is counting anymore…

We were home all day today. Because Sunday’s forecast of a dusting to 1″ really became this:


Ha. Total 5.5″.

We played outside a bit yesterday but today was more fun. Mainly, because I sat outside with a hot cup of tea while they played.


Finn loved coming down the slide into a pile of snow.


Mia built a snowman – and now I have “Do you want to build a snowman?” from Frozen stuck in my head – and had to guard it as she was building it because her brother kept taking running leaps at it. But once he saw the face on it he realized he shouldn’t destroy it, instead he kept trying to eat the carrot.



Somehow Mia wrangled Mark into holding her and running all across the yard, in some kind of make believe rescue game. That’s 49 lbs that he’s going to be feeling tomorrow…

So all that is fun, but this is our forecast for this week:

Fullscreen capture 232014 111803 PM

Will the fun ever end? ugh.  We worked on some Valentine’s Day crafts but I still need to come up with something for tomorrow. Both kids went to bed asking what we were going to do tomorrow. My answer? We’re going to sit at the window and watch the snow fall. How’s that for exciting?