Breaking News!

We interrupt our regular scheduled programming (which hasn’t been regular at all, I know) to bring you this:

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Oh yes. That happened today.
I was folding clothes and Mia comes up to me and says “Um, Mom…I was playing…and then this happened…” and she opens her hand and shows me her tooth. Now, it had been wiggly for a few weeks but we had not gotten anywhere near the twist it and tug it until every one just wants to get their fingers in there and just yank it already phase. But, maybe this way was better. Less drama and anticipation.

She was a little worried at first so I asked her if she wanted to call Daddy. Instantly, she cheered up and was so excited about telling him. Then, we took pictures, of course, which helped get her mind off of what had actually happened and celebrate the fact that she had a missing tooth.

But when you do that, you get this…


Silly kid. He saw that Mia was getting her picture taken and said “Picture me too” so I took the picture and then when he saw it, he giggled and said “Silly face.” Silly face is right.

So, enter turbo tooth fairy mode. We weren’t even ready for it. Luckily, tonight was Awana and I needed to do some grocery shopping anyway so I stopped in for a few supplies.

Mia drew a picture and had me write her note to the tooth fairy.


She did ask this afternoon “Now, is she really real?” “Uh…well…” “Well, she’s a fairy…and I don’t know if we have fairies in this town”. We don’t do Santa or Elf on the Shelf so this make believe thing is all very new to me. She seemed very excited about giving it a try, though, and at first was hoping for a new bike. I convinced her that the bike is way too big for a little fairy.

She was very concerned about not falling asleep in time (tooth fairy only comes when little girls and boys are asleep) because sometimes she takes too long to fall asleep. I told her it would be fine, that she wouldn’t come until much later but then she was worried that then if it was too late the tooth fairy would fall asleep and forget about her. Then, when we were picking where to put the box, she said “Oh, if we put it there she’ll have to get really close to me.” Wow…the anxiety level around all of this is even worse than losing the tooth.

She’s very proud of her missing tooth though. In the shower tonight she was washing her hair and said “I’m such a big girl. I’m washing my own hair and I have a loose tooth. Oh wait, no I don’t. I have a missing tooth!”

Well, the tooth fairy has done her work and hopefully it matches expectations. Somebody was hoping for a bike less than 12 hours ago. Going rate on teeth is steep these days! Instead, she’s getting: fairy toothbrush and toothpaste, a $1 bill, a note from the tooth fairy with glitter glue (so help me, I said I wouldn’t do the glitter…I’m creating a monster), and a pouch to put her tooth in since she wanted to keep it.




I can’t believe I have a kid with a missing tooth. It just seems like yesterday when she didn’t have any teeth at all!

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  1. Joy Post author

    That’s the benefit of her losing her first tooth before she can read. Lucky Tooth Fairy.

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